Hey there everyone, my name's Daniela. Garnet has been my pixelated version of me since May of 2005.

Now onto me:

~I was born August 1st of 1987. PROUD 23 YEAR OLD LEO!!!
~I am of Irish, French, Spanish, Austrian, and Southern Native American decent. But I look more Irish.
~I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But I was raised in New York, lived in Florida, and now live in Georgia.
~I'm Bilingual, I can speak both fluent English and Spanish.
~I'm an open-minded Christian, I don't judge since it isn't what Christians are supposed to do in the first place, I'm kind, friendly and understanding.
~I'm straight and TAKEN! His name is Thomas, and he's my hunky 28 year old Navy man. Too bad, so sad. Cry me a river, why don'tcha.
~I'm a cashier, and I've been one since August 7th of 2009.

~Love: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit above all else, Thomas, Mythology, Belly Dance, Amtgard, my job, Masquerades, anime, Mythological creatures, Medieval, 18th Century and Ancient Egyptian eras, D.D.R., go-carting, rock climbing, Celtic, Gothic, and Ancient Egyptian jewelery, incense, my nieces Tatiana and Adrianna, men's Tripp pants from Hot Topic, Corsets (I LOVE how they straighten my oh-so poor posture!), arm and leg warmers, Gothic make-up, World of Warcraft, my friends, water balloon fights, walking along the beach or sitting and looking out at the ocean, swimming in pools, the night, reading, writing poetry and fanfiction stories (I have yet to finish one...), singing, dancing, Musicals, dressing up in costumes, Kingdom Hearts games, sneaking up behind friends and scaring them by pouncing onto them, the Circus, parades, Horses, Great Horned Owl, Peacock, wolves, wild cats, giving and receiving gifts, surprises (the good kind, not the bad!), being trusted, the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth, and last but not least... Loving others and being loved in return.

~Hate: CHEATERS (girls and ESPECIALLY guys), Closed-mindedness, Judgmental, Lying, False Accusations, Preps, Divorce, getting yelled at, confrontations, being alone, not being able to breathe through my nose, society's outlook on a persons weight, overly muscular men (Eww...), racism, being made fun of too much, my past, the way some of my life has turned out, not being trusted, being called a liar (when its not joking around), and last but certainly not least, being heartbroken.

~Hobbies: Back in high school, I used to be a total bookworm. I either had my nose stuck in a fictional novel or I was studying the Ancient Egyptian culture. Right now I've taken up Belly dance at home (Learning the basics first) since it was and still is a part of the Egyptian culture. I've also taken an interest in studying all of the Mythology of the world. I sing at home when no one is around to hear me. In the future I want to learn how to sew clothes, play the acoustic guitar, travel and join a Dance Studio to better my belly dance and maybe perform as a professional Belly Dancer. And I've recently joined Amtgard and I'm a Level 3 Wizard named Easnadh (Pronounced AS-na).


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Report | 11/08/2014 12:02 am


Hey I found your pro threw a friend of a friend, anyway I read your profile and it said you use to play Amtgard..me too ninja ....Scout,warrior,barbar, and monsters, oh my!

Report | 03/14/2012 5:02 am


Random hug for you from me. emotion_hug

Report | 09/07/2010 7:15 pm


Damn you're Avi is spiffy.
I wish I had that kind of money to spend here....kinda. =_=

Report | 06/03/2010 7:01 pm


Yeah... I took a few classes, but they were all Cabaret, and I wanted to do Tribal.
I'd also like to learn some of the gypsy fusion as well

Report | 06/03/2010 11:33 am


I was doing cabaret for a little while, but I'm now doing Tribal fusion..

Report | 06/03/2010 10:13 am


SO... I was just browsing your profile, and you seem like a very interesting person... I too am into bellydance and have been teaching myself.

Report | 03/11/2010 6:13 pm


Your welcome....talk to you later

Report | 03/08/2010 10:24 am


I am glad my comment made your day...your welcome...it pays to make someone smile because it makes you feel good....take and have a fantastic day!

Report | 03/07/2010 6:05 pm


Your welcome. U have a cool avi btw

Report | 03/06/2010 8:52 am


random comment


For too long my heart was broken... For too long I've been left alone in the dark... But now I've been found and brought into the light. A new love that shines brighter than before

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