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ణ ꒰ chime ♡ 20↑ ♡ infp ꒱ ഒ

hello everyone!! my name is chime, and i've been on gaia since at least 2008. i love to draw and create character designs! i also really enjoy writing, baking and taking walks in nature! i cosplay irl and here on gaia-- most of the time my avi will be a cosplay, give me shout if you recognize the chara! i'm just here to have a good time.

i really love cute things, otome games, the fate series, vocaloid and disney! i also love video games, some of my faves are kingdom hearts, nier and dark souls. other than that, i'm pretty into precure, twisted wonderland, touken ranbu , hololive and such! i always forget what i'm into when its time to write it down so forgive me for that!

anyway, thanks for visiting my profile! feel free to PM me or add me, i'd love to get to know you all. bye bye!

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Scarlet Witch Report | 05/19/2023 7:39 pm
Scarlet Witch
It's nbd! I get like that a lot myself. I always feel bad because I'm atrocious at keeping up with messages. xd Likewise.

Better late than never, haha. whee I feel you on that. I generally don't care for filler. I think some anime can do filler really well though where it actually matters in the grand scheme of things, but recently I was trying to get through Bleach and I just... LOL Ugh, no. I love it, but I had to stop watching it. I was thinking of picking up the manga instead.

Thank you! I have played it, I think it's my favorite remake so far. I really want to unlock the cat ears for Leon... omg What are your favorite games in the series? I think I saw a Leon cosplay you did a while back, it looked really good! Are you excited for the new movie as well?
- Sailor Neptune - Report | 05/15/2023 10:43 am
- Sailor Neptune -

Hi hi! How are you doing lovely! heart
Adorable Kagome! Makes me want to try making Sango or my Inuyasha cosplay! rofl
Hope you have a wonderful week! whee

Scarlet Witch Report | 05/11/2023 6:29 pm
Scarlet Witch
You're welcome. heart I love your Kagome too! I've been seeing a lot of Inuyasha cosplays, it's really refreshing. I haven't watched the timeskip/comeback yet though. Was it any good? I've been tempted to rewatch the og.

Could I send you a friend request? omg I didn't wanna send a rando one. xd
Scarlet Witch Report | 05/04/2023 11:05 am
Scarlet Witch
Sorry for the rando comment. 😂 I love your Namine though, very cute!
Aqua Report | 04/21/2023 7:29 pm
Thank you!!! Your Namine is so good too!
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/29/2023 10:21 am
Odd Cinderella
Thank you! I was shocked that I even got in Top 10.
Aqua Report | 03/29/2023 9:08 am
Congrats on winning!
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/29/2023 8:38 am
Odd Cinderella
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/28/2023 7:33 pm
Odd Cinderella
So, I just came to find out that Christy Carlson Roman voiced Yufie Kisaragi in KH1 and Advent Children.
Aqua Report | 03/28/2023 4:44 pm
I lub ur entry whee



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