About The Gangsta

Name: not important
Age: 17
Sex: male
Height: ~ 5' 9"
Weight: average
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: naturally black
Marital Status: in a relationship
Location: Orange NJ
Drugs: no
Alcohol: only sometimes
Kids: interested

Sup ppl.. i like anime my fav color blue fav hobbies playing n videogames. I have 2 lil bro n 1 lil sis. I have black eyes n black hair n ma skin is kinda brown.

My dislikes is when ppl talk about me behind ma bck also who is a swore loser im not gay im straight n i loves the ladies =D i do mii school work unlike others D=. I have ALOT of cuzins 2 =D. Uhhh... i like making friends in gaia customizing myself, my page, and really nothing else lol.

-Roses are red. Lemons are sour. Open your legs and give me an hour. -Kissing is a habit. ******** is a game. Guys get all the pleasure. Girls get all the pain. -10 minutes of pleasure. 9 months of pain. 3 days in the hospital. A baby without a name. The baby is a b*****d. The mother is a whore. -Sex is like math. You subtract the clothes, add the bed, divide the legs and pray to god u dont multiply. -Roses are red. Grass is green. Open ur legs and i'll fill you with cream. -Sex is evil, sex is a sin, sins are forgiven so stick it in. You opened it so u are cursed for 5 years, if u dont read the entire thing. -Roses R nice violets R fine i'll be the six if u be the nine. -Eat me, beat me, bite me, blow me, ******** me, suck me very slowly. If u like it, dont be sassy. Use your tongue and make it nasty

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