I'm bi.


Reunited and it feels so gooood.

-Kakashiisme for donating 500 gold.
-Bebee_FRUiT for donating 38.5k, elven ears, charcoal sketchbook, sigmap, banners and avatar art; nitemare boots; jingle me hat; Wine Tavern Wench's Bustier;Spirited gloves, and drop dead gorgeous midnight gown.
-Cutefairy012 for 100g; arts; Spring Grass Checkered Kerchief Bikini Top and Bottom; tiny pixie wings; giant green eggshell; 4 old cans,
-[.VooDoo.] for the black gloves; gray peasant's top; witch shoes; moss hippie shoes and 3.5k.
-Dante-07 for 800gold,
-Gamer394 for 955gold,
-Turkeyboy11 for 800g,
-Computer_whiz for the plain ghost sheetand 700gold,
-Aqua322 for 100g,
-TheWhiteThought for 400g
-Chibi Alien Monster for 614gold,
-Cool_guy245 for 400g,
-DancingShamrock for 500g,
-Ptero for 4k,
-The One winged foundation charity for 5k,
-Destiny Charity for 500g,
-Mair612 for 3.5k; 820g,
-`Remy for 12,180g grade F fishing bait;black tie;SKA wristband;basic red skirt; black strapless bra; gray SKA shoes; avatar art; panda rug; fly mask; long black socks,
-CorruptedTears for 300g,
-*Name Here* Charity for 144g,
-Ninja Zeo for avatar art; 1k tickets,
-Ms. Terious for 4 August 06 donation letters; .-_.- glasses,
-One Leaf Foundation for 3k and 1 green basic chair,
-Baja for a sacred leaf; n_n glasses,
-GaiaCast Foundation for 3k,
-Tizzan for 60.5k; avatar art; bouncy antennae; >_< glasses; ORLY? hat; Poinsettia hairpiece; OMG Box,
-Shanninja for 800g,
-Break Me a piece of that kit cat bar charity for 5k,
-OneWingedAngel22 for 5k; Raptor Ice Horns,
-Beatrix Le Morte` for 1k,
-Meania for for avatar art; buttoned down feather skirt; 200g; Red Tie, dark_demon_13 for 100g; Face Veil; 8 Grade F fighing bait; Pink lemonade checkered kerchief bikini top and bottom,
-Water_falls72 for 719 tokens; 13 tickets,
-~!Purple passion gurl!~ for 250 tokens,
-Mr. Nightshade for 300 tokens; 12 tickets,
-Ville Valo Lover for avatar art,
-MaeMaeChan for Blue Candy Striped Stockings; drop earrings;KoNfUzEd rAiNbOw ToE SoX; sign; 200g; parairie checkered kerchief bikini top and bottom; blue SKA shoes; coon tail, BLUE CRUSH! Bottled cooler,
-[Dark_Mistress] for arrow in my head; giant banana split; superstar purple skirt; 390 tokens; 42 tickets,
-Ichigostar1 for elegant blue gloves,
-Herfefiny_456 for 1.3k,
-ImaHellen for magician's wand;
-upreme[O]verlord[L]ex for 5k;
-LuckyLucas for 400g;
-Emo Link for 300g, Spirited 2k6 boots, Labu Necklace, Single White Daisy, x2 Carnation,
-LonelyM for laurels,
-..Fairytale Queen.. for 1,100;
-Press Play Charity for 3k;
-Lizzle for 10k;
-Illuminations charity for june 2007 letter
-Shmurf for 500g;
-Mobile Charity for 500g
-Pokimoki for Drop Dead Gorgeous Moonlight Gown; Summer Sun Checkered Kerchief Bikini Top, 166k, pixie, cherry blossom, pixie wings, nomy, x_x glasses, solar hairpin, Brown Magical Giftbox, YHBT hat, Green Corallus 2nd gen, jackster wand, black ops gear, kitty slippers, masterpiece, anima adamaiter, sundae's treat, heavenly awesome, x_x blue raving goggles, were tail, superior form, commons I don't feel like putting in here, nano egg, nitemare sash,
--A c i d_S k i t t l e- for 12,500g
-Attack Of Love charity for 3000g
-Felonda for 5kg; moss hippie shoes; yellow kitchen clock; caramel cheesecake; pancakes; red bar chair; side light wood table
-Mushiie for 10k gold
-Renzo Tace for Epic Fail Hat
-I Z0MB1E I for Indigo White Gathered Tavern Wench's Skirt
- Q u e e n i e for Sweetheart Gold Pendant, fresh grass skirt, and Christian Siriano's Magenta Flow Gown
- WTF? Charity for 60k
- Fayt_Of_redemption for Ribbon Luv Sleeves Black
- Naudy for 396 gold
- GlompingZombie for 1, 307 tickets
- Hersey813 for 1 old can
- Goddess of the blackmoon for 51.5k, 1 tin can, tin hat, bunny ears, Purple Lace-up Cork Sandals, Lovely Genie Silver Bangle Bracelets x2, Trendy Dark Skinny Jeans, Purple Gaia Feet Stockings, Violet Tied Top, Black Reading Glasses, Lovely Genie Silver Arm Bangle x2, Sweetheart Silver Pendant, Silver Hoop Earrings, Buck Teeth, Mono the skunk plushie, avatar art
- God is in the tv charity for 5k
-Snowtiger009 for an emerald seed, lmao too bad it died.
-The generous Charity for 40k, mythica eyes,
-The Gaia Hat Charity for 10k
-Anti-Apathy Guild for 1k

-->Currently Questing: None :\


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Report | 01/02/2011 6:52 pm


Wow. Mari is back on Gaia too? :3

Report | 01/02/2011 1:30 pm


Hi, again! biggrin smile biggrin smile biggrin
d i m i r h e x

Report | 12/18/2010 11:23 pm

d i m i r h e x

I miss your face... crying
PM me sometime, or comment either one.


Report | 11/12/2010 7:39 pm


You're onnnnn!!!

Yaay! LoL

Report | 11/12/2010 8:59 am


Ah, misses you. <3

Report | 09/14/2010 1:14 am


That's good.

How's your achievement?

Report | 09/07/2010 9:41 pm


You're online!!

Report | 08/12/2010 1:34 pm


Oh cool
Well still, dont be afraid to drop by and say hey (:

Report | 08/11/2010 8:47 pm


lol yr avi's cuter !

Report | 08/10/2010 2:37 pm


You gave up the OMG hat ? O;
Lol cool 4laugh
Nice to know your not gonna disappear (: