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Name: Lorenio
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PoisonBytch! Report | 07/25/2011 10:57 pm
Malcolm where r u???? wat kind 0f bf r u? kall me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kagoro Report | 07/24/2009 11:23 am
what's man. sorry for not saying anything there has been alot of things going on this year. i feel like i'm in the, "trapped in the closet" series with all the drama. let's just say i can't wait for school to start up. everyone else is doing fine though. senior year is approaching for me cause i'm a semester behind but nonetheless i'm still excited to be getting up out of albany. speaking on albany, they are sticking us with more fees from nowhere. this they got us with a acess card fee of 5.00 and a student facilities fee of 76.00. the last time i checked we were already being charged a student activity fee so where this fee came from i don't know. anyway, hit me back
zwingley is kira 2 Report | 11/28/2008 8:44 pm
zwingley is kira 2
What's up man? We jsut met today at gamestop. I was looking for more psp games. I could find the add friends button. So add me?
xx __hyperaktiv Report | 09/10/2008 4:58 pm
xx __hyperaktiv
Just looking through my old comments on my profile and noticed that you commented back in 2006 and that you're still using Gaia. ;D

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J LADY 87 Report | 07/31/2008 1:43 pm
Hi sexy long tym no tlk! left u my numba on my otha avi luv u!! dis new 2 by da way!!
Kagoro Report | 03/29/2008 8:24 am
so far we haven't heard anything else about it but just to keep from worrying about it i'm getting a job and raising the money. it's crazy cause i should be stressing out over classes but that isn't the problem. my classes re quite easy. anyway, naruto un3 is the best game i've played yet. i mean accel is great too but right now this game is blowing my mind. i've already unlocked most of the characters except for hanabi and the fourth hokage. i'm in the middle of dating her so once i get her then i will have the fourth hokage. i think quita lost her phone so communication may be cut off for the time being. just hit me back when you get this
Kagoro Report | 03/27/2008 10:02 am
that's cool man. oh, and to let you know albany state is trying to make us pay for the stadium. they are proposing an increase in student activities by $100 a semester. This is suppose to start paying off this debt we have accumulated over the years. The president said he had no prior knowledge of it and that the students should start investing into the school. Personally, I don't care about the stadium at all and I shouldn't be responsible for keeping it afloat. The housing lottery was a bid disaster cause people who got there first didn't get rooms. I walked in at 900am and got my room at 1130am. Quita, Cassandra, and Dasha got there at 700am and didn't get there room until about 100pm. It was brutal but at least they managed. Anyway, I'm getting Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 tomorrow. It will be my birthday gift to myself. I know it's early but hey i won't have any money around my birthday. Hit me back
Kagoro Report | 03/25/2008 9:47 am
what i meant by that was when people go into the military they seem to change. whether the change is good or not is to be determined but as far as i can tell it does not look promising. i hope that things can be normal when everyone returns. maybe it's me and my haunting sense of paranoia that has me thinking this way but hopefully it won't happen that way at all. hit me back
Kagoro Report | 03/20/2008 10:27 am
what's up man! just keeping you informed on what's going on up here. everyone just got done taking the Regent's this week. it was easy! also, dante is supposed to graduate this month sometime in the next two weeks. we've tried calling him but no one ever answers. honestly, the inevitable has happened not to say that i didn't see this coming. although i thought this would be different. anyway, just reply when you get this. see ya
LadyJ 87 Report | 03/18/2008 5:07 pm
LadyJ 87
LadyJ 87

When the tightly sealed doors of the heart
are touched by the pain and sadness of man
they sometimes creak and moan in protest.......
Are you on the inside of that door.....
Are you on the outside?
I wish the the god of Fate would come and open that door for me.......

Well Thanks for the new look I guess I owe you......although I'm broke

Don't worry, just know that you belong to me now......

Say wha-? 0_o

oh nothing =B