Yeah okay so I made this when I was like 13 (if you can't tell by the different username from the banner) and I don't feel like editing it or deleting all this info cause it's just funny to see immature me. rofl I've grown out of probably all of this stuff so you can read it for a laugh. Add me if you wanna know more or just PM me. I'm barely on anymore though, you'd have a better chance of talking to me on tumblr or twitter. tumblr: thedoanzone and twitter: jhahadoan.

Call me Asian x3
The person behind the pixels
- Here and here
June 5th
- Check out the photos! Here
- YES THOSE ARE ME. I would NEVER, EVER steal pictures. From ANYONE.
- It was in Myrtle Beach. I woke up at 8 am on a Saturday to drive 2 hours up and wait for 2 hours for him. <3
Booboo Stewart
- He's an actor/ singer/ martial artist.
- I love him <333
- [X] [O] [X] [O] My favorite pictures. <3
- Yes he has earrings. I think they're sexy. <3
- He's in Twilight, Logan, an episode of CSI: Miami and the Haunting Hour, The Conrad Boys, and others that no one has heard of.
- You can argue about how he's lame and no one knows him but I say that the less people know him, the better chance I have of being with him.
- I know basically everything about him. Test me.
- He's a good singer but sucks at writing songs. I don't care though. c':
About Me
- I'm HUGE, DIE HARD Harry Potter fan.
- I seem like a girly-girl but in real life, I'm a HUGE tom-boy.
- I LOVE frisbee and football.
- I'm Viet. <3
- I LOVE Final Fantasy. <3 One of my many obsessions.
- I love Booboo Stewart, Usher, Taylor Swift, Jack Johnson, Underoath, and Saosin. <3
- One look at this and you think, "Oh gosh! She's way obsessed with this dude!" But really, I don't obsess over him when talking to people. I'm pretty normal.
- I have my fangirl phases.
-Once again, if I talk, act, and seem like a girly girl, I'm only that way over the internet.
-My parents basically hate me cause I act too much like a guy instead of a girl.
- I enjoy drawing in free time. I'm not that good but when I try, it's decent.

Currently obsessed with-
Booboo Stewart
Law and Order: SVU
Olivia Wilde

- Booboo Stewart <3
- House, M.D.
- Pokemon
- Harry Potter
- Twitter (JHahaDoan)
- Naruto
- Olivia Wilde
- Ke$ha
- Frisbee
- Huskies
- G-Shocks
-Tumblr (thedoanzone)
- Swords
- Vans
- Procrastinating
- Final Fantasy
- Black Ops for Xbox (snappleflavors)
- That one sharp tooth in the right side of my mouth
- YOU if you took the time to read. c':

- Haters
- Girly girls
- Energy drinks
- Bossy people
- Pink
- Emos
- Scrabble
- Dresses
- Many Screamo music
- Scardey cats
- Annoying people
- People who think they're all that
- School
- Converse
- Much much more but I don't feel like listing them

NOTE**** If you actually read all this, you might as well hit the add button cause you basically know all of me.


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Thanks for buying, have a good one ^^

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Hey how did we meet again?

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bae af

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Game of Thrones yoooooo
Kai Harishima

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Kai Harishima

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Gaia is dying slowly for me. @_@
Do you have a skype?
I'm trying to keep in-touch with all of my good friends. ^-^

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Nice outfit

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That's a really nice look for you


honestly idk why i'm even still here
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