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cream ♡ 25 ♡ she/him/her/his

i've been on gaia since about 2006 but i lost my old account thanks to being a dumb kid and never writing down passwords or emails, but i love this site to death and i'm so glad it's still kicking!! <33

i really love video games (mostly horror, cute/feel good, visual novels, and weird games!)
also play disco elysium and tell me how much you love it after (if you hate it then can also tell me about it i Guess)

pm me or comment and let's become friends! <3



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Bloodlust_Faerie Report | 07/07/2022 11:12 pm
ah, henlo, yes we were!
GumdropsX0X Report | 06/23/2022 8:35 pm
Thank you for buying!!
Ona660 Report | 06/18/2022 2:04 pm
;w; felt that. Michigan is a no check state for homeschool so I was "Homeschooled" from 5th grade + (so barely schooled if at all. Dropped out in 8th grade bc that's when It was legal at the time.)
I will b real w u it's bc I had to raise my baby sister for shitty parents so I'm extra proud I went back and got it now at 26 🥺💙
Ona660 Report | 06/15/2022 12:47 pm
I was getting my GED!!! I got it after 3 years after trying
kim kitsuragi Report | 06/12/2022 3:20 pm
kim kitsuragi
omg this username finally pays off heart thanks for the sweet deal hehe
Ona660 Report | 06/07/2022 4:42 pm
AAAAYYY same biggrin they're ******** fantastic wholesome (ish www) humor is exactly my brand ✌️✌️
Also sorry if my response is super late I Graduated TODAY ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Ona660 Report | 06/07/2022 10:14 am
Hi I just have to let u know that's the cutest ******** comment I've ever received and ALSO the most accurate character read I've ever gotten bc u are CORRECT wwww
Ur energy is so ******** cute I feel like we could immediately vibe 😭💙💙 Also I LOVE ur profile it's so ******** pretty holY s**t!!! 💙💙💙
Dovima Report | 01/30/2021 3:53 pm
Wb! biggrin
corvidbrat Report | 05/24/2017 7:14 pm
dude suh

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