love is wat i here is great i here love is the closest thing we have to magic
love can be hurt love can be pain if you love some one you think about that person
all the time when your in that person arms you feel like you can flyyou feel home
you feel in place like you r right where you r suposte to be forever you wish
you could stay there in that persons arms but then that persion slips away
and you never see that person again and you live you days in sorrow and pretend
that you r having a blastbut you r dieing in side and fear that you will never be the same you cry inside and die in a slow and acking death cuz of love love is an mirical or it can be a deseas live frome it
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Hi people my name is elisia
um...User Imageum im normaly confused most of the time
or im mad but sometimes i have so many emotions i cant even find a name for them.
um.. my top 5 best friends are...
#1 is my friend taylor she has been with me through everything
we have been fiends for 7years.somw times we may fight but the longest we have ever been a fight is 1 day.
#2 is my friiend rachel i could tell her anything and she would not
tell anyone we have been friends for 4 years.she is somuch fun to be with.
#3 is my friend nicole she is a chatterbox but i can never be bored around her.she is so much fun but she gets full of herself some times.
#4is my friend elysa.she her user name on gaia is bernedet
omg she is so funny.she can make me laugh anytime.
#5 is my friend Monique.she is elysa's sister.she is fun to be around
well i have more but i have to sort them all out XD.

the top seven most things i hate stare
#1 people how tell and use your secrets agenst you stare
#2 people how r rude to me stare
#3 Girls &guys who think that there all that stare
#4 backstabing friends stare
#5 when i here my friends are being bossed around by someone
bigger than them stare
#6 when some one is bing mean to an animal stare
#7 when someone calls me a name stare
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sorry i keep seeming to get locked out of my accounts idk how but yeah
um this is my new one

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hey how are you dunno if you rememeber me??
Gallegos Elisia 2

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Gallegos Elisia 2

hey friends this is my new profile cuz my this one is blocked

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omg i love ur profile i think its like the best one i've ever seen were did u get ur back round?

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Keep going 




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hi nice profile

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if u send this to 12 peoples and then press ctrl w than you will get 40000gg it REALLY works!!!!


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