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Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssse Get me this!!



Hey you guy's! I'm finally back online! I just spent my ENTIRE summer in Rome! Sorry, I couldn't bring my laptop sad . But I'm finally back and eager to get started having fun! Hope no one's too bummed about school starting again. Oh well enjoy summer while it's here I guess. Hasta lavista babies!

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Moji Yakuza Report | 10/01/2008 1:08 pm
Moji Yakuza
Hay Lucicity Lucicity account been hacked leting you know passing it on
Azazelx3 Report | 06/12/2008 2:05 pm
hey girl when ru going online again
lord janielly Report | 05/16/2008 2:29 pm
lord janielly
very nice page !!! can u be my frind . add me! oh and can u help me wit my pg i have been tryin to fix it but it wont work ....any ways send me an pivet messig ok .. well God Bless

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hope smith124 Report | 04/21/2008 6:32 pm
hope smith124
you are welcome User Image
hope smith124 Report | 04/19/2008 6:50 pm
hope smith124
can u put me on you'r freinds?
hope smith124 Report | 04/17/2008 6:28 pm
hope smith124
thanks but you need to down load that stuff 2 do dat and idk i mite do it i just dont wanna copy off u so i will keep that in mind but thanks for you'r help hope to hear from you soon!!!
hope smith124 Report | 04/10/2008 7:27 pm
hope smith124
how did you get you'r background and stuff?let me know k bye
mrcool897 Report | 04/07/2008 6:55 pm
u are really cute
II Ate_your_Cookies II Report | 03/21/2008 9:23 am
II Ate_your_Cookies II
try this out send this comment on ten profiles then press f5 to get 10,000 gold
Galen2 Report | 03/20/2008 7:45 pm
Okay, I haven't replied to ur comments in forever, so i'm going to try to do this in one comment. *Deep breath* to jhs1994109, hi. To Hodza, thank U, I appriciate that. To rouroni13, I'm sorry I don't remember what I said bout U, I have ADD so I don't always remember things. To Mexyjoseph, why am I mean, and when did I yell at U??? And to the pham, I can't aswer that question right now, but you just do. *pheew*