like hot acid burning through yer throat

Hi i'm Galaxydream!Yay me*claps*I love anime especaily Inu Yasha, Fullmetallalchimist ,Naruto, YuYu Hakusho, Cowboybebop, Excel Saga ,Samurai champloo ,Pokemon ,Yugio! Gantz ,DNangel and of course dragonball z.I also really love to draw people say it comes naturally to me but i'm all like i could do better.Anyways i've always dreamed of traveling and starting my own band,plus i always skip to my own beat.I luv taking short walks(in parks only away from street lights and cars,they make me uneasy+they have to be short cause i lolly gag and stop to sniff the flowers if they are the kind i like which arent many.)