A pale, young looking woman with dark hair bows politely to you and smiles.

"Konnichiwa - my name is Gacchina, and it is a pleasure. I'm glad that you have decided to visit my profile, and are taking a look around. I..." Stops talking abruptly and rolls her eyes. "Okay, let's cut the formality crap, ne? The name's Gacchina - I don't have any nicknames or anything, but I'll take whatever you throw at me... Unless it's derogatory or inappropriate. Anyway, I really hate these introductions, don't you? What's there to know? I'm a huge Gackt fan."


"..... You still there? Wow, if you didn't run away because you think there's a possibility that I might be a stupid noobish Gackt fangirl (which, we all aren't >:[ ), then I'm impressed! We might get along, especially if you're a Gackt fan yourself." wink


Name: Gacchina (Gaia name is all ya get... Unless I know you better)
Age: 19
Sex: =___=
Height: About 5'4?
Weight: Personal >__>
Blood type: No idea
Birthday: July 2nd, 1989
Zodiac: Cancer
Chinese zodiac: Earth snake (it says I'm compatible with Gackt ^///^ *shot*)
Favorite color(s): Red, black, and white
Favorite animal(s): Dragons (THEY DO EXIST! *Cough*), and snakes
Pet(s): A border collie/blue healer mix named Kozi, a golden male betta fish named Gourry, and a baby ball python named Gacchan
Favorite school subject: Japanese and orchestra (Viola all the way, yeaah >< wink
Favorite movie(s): Dragon heart, anything by Hayao Miyazaki, Moon child, and Bunraku (I know I'll love it when it comes out)
Favorite anime(s): The Slayers (all three seasons - season 4 seems kinda half-assed to me, though =__=), Dragon half, Trigun, Outlaw star, Gundam wing, Medabots, Digimon (seasons 1 and 3 plz), Ouran high school host club, Fullmetal alchemist, Bleach, Ojamajo doremi, and Shaman king
Favorite video game(s): Harvest moon ToT (I swear, this game is addicting), Mario Kart Wii, Conkers bad fur day (lol), Snowboard kids 2, Super smash bros. Brawl (Bowser FTW, biatches >=P), Legend of zelda OoT, and Legend of Zelda TP (Midna is so much better than Navi, ne?)
Favorite artist: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gackt! I loved him in Cains:Feel, Malice Mizer, and GacktJOB... I also love Gakupo (of course) and I have a bunch of Gakupo songs laying around, if anyone's interested ^.^
Religion: None - I don't believe in anything :/
Status: Single, and not really looking.. Unless your Gackt *gets shot again*

That's enough, right? Phew..

Oh, and before I forget: This is now my main Gaia account - some of my Gaia mules are as follows:

Gakuto MS Camui (loved it, but had to leave it ; A ; )
Gourry Gabriev kun
Alphonse elric chan
Asakura mako kano
xYoh Asakurax
[Asakura Hao]
xKurosaki Ichigox
[Blue Yaiden]
Shihouen Yoruichi sama

I might have more, but can't remember them. If you know or are friends with any of the above accounts, then I suggest adding me. :3


This list is reserved for people that I adore: for doing nice things for me, like drawing avvie art or donating money. <3

- Aoi
- Ukyou Kami-chan
- deathnote_girl-X3-
- Morii-kun
- SaintlySiren
- Rhapsodic Melodies
- EmotionalMuffinz
- x_Holly
- -Her Chemical Imbalance-
- Oni-Sasu
- Kimi Shinimari Nee - Chan
- Hiro Akemi
- xXEnd of all HopeXx
- EgyptPsycho
- catnapgood

And, if I can think of anything, or if anyone has any suggestions, I might add on to this profile.. If I can think of anything. sweatdrop

Bonks self on head. "Oh yeah! I almost forgot.. I'll keep my Gackt updates/news up on this profile from my Gakuto MS Camui one - because everyone deserves to know what Gackt is up to!" X3


Gackt is coming out with a new single, called "Jesus" this November/December - and just because it's called Jesus DOESN'T mean he's christian and it's time to bash, sheesh. rolleyes

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"Now, have a lovely day Darlings!" <3


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BB Rue Ryuzaki

Report | 07/01/2010 3:55 am

BB Rue Ryuzaki

Happy Birthday, hope you have a good one.
Reno Vetra

Report | 03/20/2009 1:26 pm

Reno Vetra

your profile is cool. and sorry to hear about the incident.

Report | 03/18/2009 7:14 pm


"Hey. Your on finally. How's a going?"
_K u r o_R o z u_

Report | 02/06/2009 5:42 pm

_K u r o_R o z u_

Thanks for adding me as a friend.
How have you been?

Report | 12/08/2008 4:45 pm


"Hm.... >_> Your as bad as Gacchan!!! Your never on!!! And he as an excuse! He's a famous singer who never sleeps!! What's your excuse?? <_<"
"Curious... I don't see a comment from you on his comments..." wink

Report | 11/15/2008 1:14 pm


"I know what you mean. I've met many a Gacchan fan in my life, but I'm friends with.... zero.... >w< Shy? I LIVE online. If I wasn't able to talk to people over the internet, I would never open up for anybody. The first time I PM'ed Gackt-sama, I was afraid and taking the hugest chance in my life and for the four days that I waited for him to reply, I didn't talk to anybody. Me right now, is the real me. Though, I have many different split personalities, this one, the one your talking to right now, is the REAL, absolutely REAL, me. wink "
"I can't really complain... I mean, life itself is unfair. Whenever I get into a fight with my mom, she always tell me that 'blah, blah, blah is unfair' and I have the sudden impulse to scream at her "SUCK IT UP!!!! LIFE IS UNFAIR!! LIVE WITH IT!!!" But.... if I did that... I don't think I'd ever see daylight again.... sweatdrop I'm bitchen to you aren't I? whee I'm kidding... I don't really know WHO to b***h to. And my mother's too mean to listen to me b***h about Anime Cons. Hay? How about..... when I have enough money (that should be sometime around next year) I'll drive down and take you to Sakuracon with me? That woud be fun... I don't know anybody who even goes to Anime Cons. The one thing that I definately want to do, is when I visit Kyoto, I'm going to hunt Gackt-sama down (I'll have to search all over the city for where he's working at that exact moment) and I'm gonna give him a big hug (yes in public XDDD) and ask him if he wantsto cosplay with me for the next Anime Con. I'm gonna hope that he's wearing high heels and challenge him to a race.... XDDDDD"
"Do you know Yumi-chan?? (Nuriko 12) If you don't, THAT'S a reason for you to become violently jealous. If I even mention his name, she's all over him beause she knows him in person and gets to stay at his house sometimes and blah blah blah.... UGH!!! She's really nice, and I wish I knew her in person, but man!! Its like she's trying to make us all go crazy and want to hunt her down to kill her and tackle Gackt-sama."
"What would I do.... sell my soul perhaps? XPPP"
"GOOD!!! Yeah... totally agree. I wouild never murder someone just for this simple reason. Too Messy!!!" XD
"Yeah. He misses breakfast (so do I) he misses lunch (so do I) and he cooks dinner (so do I) He's very healthy considering what some people think, but I'm waiting for the day when he collapses on the street or in the middle of a concert, modeling, commercialing or shooting a movie. W can work as a team in getting him to sleep!! And that's a pretty good Idea... a knock out drug.... not bad Gacchina ^^;; (Doesn't know what else to call you.... sweatdrop ) Naa.... he wouldn't arrest you.... he's too cute and funny. He's an 'out there' person. Though.... to me.... he's too good to be true.... whomever he's dating (he's never getting married again so he says so) is really lucky to have him. He's funny, smart, talented, attractive, and really, incrediably kind. I don't think I'd be able to find someone that I love with all my heart, like that, in three hundred lifetimes."
"Dreams are just a viewing window into the future." ^_^

Report | 11/14/2008 8:07 pm


"Haha. I'm to friendly to piss him off!! If you look on my friends page -TheRealGackt- he was talking to him and just read the comments Gackt-sama replied to him!! I almost started crying!! And that would have been the second time he would've made me cry by what he says in comments. ^_^ I LIVE to take chances. I may not know him as much as Yumi-chan, but hell!! I know him pretty darn well!! XD"
"I DON'T CARE IF YOUR HOUSE IS SMALL!!!! cry But really... he's SO mean!!! All of our anime cons are in edmonton... DAMN THEM!!! DAMN THEM ALL TO HECK!!!!"
"I'm gonna have to disagree with you somewhere in there.... I scream whenever he'd online.... but I have my reasons for that.... sweatdrop I think so too. We must be a rare breed of Gack-sama fan. I saw this one video where he would stand in one spot and one LONG a** line of girls would wait to get to shake his hand. The video was actually specifically taken at this one point though, where this one girl asked for a hig and he reluctantly leaned in and she totally enjoyed his shirt and soft fur jacket. XD It was kinda cute though...."
"You can totally trust me!! And if I let you down, I'll give you my address and you can hunt me down and murder me in my bed!!" Puts hand over her chest and swears. wink "But really. I don't want him to be anymore stressed out than he already is. I mean, he can get really Ill because of his lack of sleep. I swear, on the day I'm meeting him i'm gonna strap him to his bed and sit on him, waiting for him to fall asleep. And if I get board, I'll just draw on his face. 3nodding I just hope that if I accidentaly fall alseep on his couch, he doesn't draw on MY face. Cuz chances are... he's gonna draw on me when he gets the chance.... whee "
"Chris Brown is a black, American rapper/singer. I don't know anybody who doesn't know who he is, so you're the first!! ^^ Kevin Woo is a Chinese singer that my friend loves. Its the first singer she's ever been obsessed with!! I'm so proud of her!! >w<"
"Yeah. A boy in my class is named Jackie. I call him Jacke Chan all the time and he really responds."

Report | 11/14/2008 7:38 pm


"Ha!!! Did you see what I wrote to him when I saw him online?? I said this. "You b*****d!!!! You leave me almost a month and I break mey ankle!!!" He was so surprised at my reaction to his presence."
"If he would just COME to CALGARY once in his life!!! I FEEL SO LEFT OUT OF THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!!! Calgary doesn't get anything interesting aside from the Stampede. We don't get anime cons, foreign concerts. Nothing at all!! My mom won't let me go to some place that he'd going on tour just to see a singer!! She doesn't... wait no... WE don't even have the money to live in our own house right now!! I begged him to see if he would see if he could ONCE come to Canada and do a concert in Calgary. My life would be complete by then!! 3nodding "
"WHY THE HELL WOULD I GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE!?!??!?!?!?! I would cherish it..... um.... wrong choice of wording.... I'd think of it as, nobody else is worthy of having it. XD Really. I would hate myself also if he sent me an e-mail going 'WTF?!?!?!' Plus.... aside from you and like, two other people, I don't know anybody else that really likes him..... all my friends are obsessed with Chris Brown and Kevin Woo...... haha..... WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Just let it sink in before laughing..... HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!! (P.S...... if you do send it, send it through PM. But you probably know that, ne?) ^^;;"

Report | 11/14/2008 7:20 pm


"HA!!! If I wanted to stalk you, well.... I dunno what I would do.... I guess the first thing to do would be to find where you live first.... XPPP"
"I'm above you!! 3nodding Calgary Alberta. If I wanted to, I could drive down to Oregon!! wink "
cry "I would wait for him forever, because he said he would do the same...."
"You were one fourty five minutes after he first signed in.... 4:00 was him, 4:49 was you.... haha.... kinda funny once you think how short he was on... and he said he would be on for a long time, when he was really on for like... half an hour and then went to save Yumi-chan from the clutches of two nasty children of a christian family. Haha. You sound like me. That's what I said to my friend and she laughed her face off."
"He's not retiring until 2013.... but he's only quitting singing. Commercials, movies, voices and modelling are still on his list though. But that's good enough for me. Hay!! Ya never know! When I become famous, I'm thinking about asking him to do ONE recording with me when I put my first album out."
"Well just consider yourself lucky you HAVE his e-mail!! And that I haven't asked you for it directly yet.... sweatdrop "

Report | 11/14/2008 7:03 pm


"Haha. Your.... an hour behind me..... an hour and..... um..... six minutes..... XDDDD"
"You don't have to ask!!! Just.... um.... ask!! I don't mind whatever you ask me!! If I don't like it... I'll say so!!!! XPPP I had to say that to Gackt-sama for the hundredth time when he was online the monday that just passed. He didn't reply though... its saddening to me, but he probably won't be on for another couple of weeks to a few months. I can't wait till I'm able to visit Kyoto again and possibly stay there for more then two days. >.< I'm trying to see if I can figure out where you live.... NO !!!!! Ahahaha!!!! Your city!! Not your address. If I wanted your address... I would just hack my system and trace your IP address.... XD No I'm kidding. But I can......... nevermind.... I'm really just trying to see how far back or forwards you are compared to the other one hundred people on my friends list.... what's the date?"


My mighty dragon heart,
our souls shall never part,
We soar forever together,
Our passions feeding each other.

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=Intellectual Gackt fan=