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Hi!!! My name is Sarenia Max but my friends call me freak or's L and im 14 years old. My bfffl's is Julie (July) Taylors aka cookies n mik13. My other bf r Megen (megan began, matt or rin) aka xxmaydaymeganxx, Breanna (bree or mello) aka xxchocofreakxx, Brandon (brenda lol ), Taylor (tay tay), Cole (coke or shiny), Alex (near), Nick (light), Dyllon (dill), Josh (bluejay), Rachael (rainy), April (alls), Damon (cookie's monster) flora (flower), denver, molly (mall), zada (zzz), zack (hottie) and Erika (eboring). i have a crush on a dude named aki. i like 2 take my relationships slow. smile I hav 9 evil ex's and two are on gaia. My fav color is all the colors. my happy colors are purple and turcoise. the weirdest thing about me it that i'm shy, but that just means that its hard to get into my circle of friiends. I am very creative and keep my mind open on most stuff. i'm also really smart. I heart heart heart music and art. my extras for school are, but not limited, to art club, fall drama production, spring drama production, summer play, games club, friends helping friends, and manga arts club. im also in band. i lov drawing, reading, watching and breathing manga/anime. I heart naurto, lovely complex and death note the most though. I like to read and write but suck at spelling. I dont mind school but lov vacation time. One of the things i hate is freackishly nice ppls and mean, snoby people who think that they r above every1 in the world, (like ricky and her group) also known as the populers. xp Im not afraid 2 be diffrent, with or without my friends. privite meesage me if u want to no anything else about me!!!
P.S. imma a ninja and so r my real life friends!!! ninja
P.S.S. imma fake cheerleader now!!! boom we will win, i said boom we will win
P.S.S.S. my fam is in a new house!!!
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i get the best feeling in the world when you say "hi" or even smile at me because i know, even just for a second, that i've crossed your mind. the only thing i want you to say is "i love you"

i <3 u aki!