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The Darkness of Gaahl_666

Poetry, I write a lot of poetry in my life. And so, the poetry that I have under here are my most important ones that relate to my life in general.
All poetry work are done by ME soley. I am not one of those god damn
patranists out there that copy and paste work and claiming it's theirs.
Mine are real, and real work done by me.

Thanks for stopping by my journal, and please comment on any of these
poems that you like.

Blessed Be To Satan,

This is my work. Work that I have done through my entire life ever since being born on this earth. All of the poetry here that you see before you, are work done by me, and by me only. The words of the poems are how my life really was up until the pre


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Hell-spawn Isis

Report | 06/24/2009 4:55 pm

Hell-spawn Isis

Egyptian goddess, yes. But not in this case. This Isis is a fearsome princess of beasts; the demon war-child of Iris; former guardian of the underworld.