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ʄʏռɛʟʟɛռ Ӽʏʀʟǟռǟ
Age: 38 [Human] 19 [Elven (She generally acts this age, and doesn't appear to look older than 20, despite being 38 in human.)]

Gender: Female

Race: Human, Elf [Half Elf]

Eyes: Blue-Gray [Eyes often appear steel, as the blue and gray are very light in color]

Hair: Light Red, Long, Loose Curls

Skin tone: Sun-kissed, Freckled

Marital Status: Although nothing official as of right now, she is devoted to Rhys. [Roleplayed by Sephirothsdeciple]

Children: N/A

Sire of Offspring: N/A

Exisiting Conditions: Aside from a brand on her left shoulder, Fynellen suffers from a plague that has gripped Waterdeep's Undead Quarter for quite some time. However, she is currently kept alive by a sired link to her travelling companion, Rhys

Personality Traits: Fynellen is incredibly naive, having been sheltered by the city walls all her life. She trusts easily, though after being shown rather harshly by Rhys stealing her most treasured possession after she trusted him, she might not trust as easily as she used to. She's caring, despite how harsh her life has been, and always seeks the best in people. She loves her city, and despite being banished after shenanigans with Rhys on their first meeting, she will always defend the palace where she worked in indentured servitude.

History: Fynellen's history is marred by tragedy. Her father was a noble, and her mother was a bought prized possession. Her mother was an extremely rare,
exotic breed of elf. After an affair between her mother and father, Fynellen was born. At a young age, she lost her mother to the plague, which at the time was new. Upon her mother's death, Fynellen was forced into a slave position in the house hold till she was 9. Not being able to hide her anymore, her father sold her to the palace, where she worked in indentured servitude for 10 (elven) years. During her time there, she worked her way through many positions in the palace, and became well known to the staff, including the quartermaster, whom she befriended. He took her in like a father figure, trying to shelter her very naive nature, and protecting her. She always stealed herself away to the library, where she cared for the books and, in particular, a large detailed map of the land. Restoring it and keeping it in pristine condition, it was her escape, as she always dreamed of what laid beyond the wall. But being a slave, she knew the odds of her ever seeing it were slim. Finally, years and years later, Fynellen managed to free herself from the contract her father made with the palace, and used money she saved up to buy her tavern, The Wealthy Fox. She was always welcomed back to the palace library. One night, while returning a book, she bumped into Rhys, whom was looking for a map. Knowing just he map to show him, Fynellen brought this man to her prized treasure, which he promptly tore from the case it was displayed in. After some shenanigans with palace guards, he kidnapped her for her knowledge of the map, took her map, and took her outside the wall for the first time in her life...She hasn't been seen since. (Story in Progress)


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Hey! Happy Birthday!
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Ryrik- no helm Armed and Armored Just for frame of reference.
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Yeah, I get that kinda stuff. Being that I don't have a munchkin of my own, don't have experience, but I know quite a few people with little ones. Yar, I'm hoping she posts soon, too.
Lagh Ruadh Report | 10/18/2016 12:42 pm
Really isn't, is it? The slower flow of RP drives me bonkers.
Lagh Ruadh Report | 10/18/2016 7:57 am
>.> Got tired of waiting. XD
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Hey, was gonna post, but I didn't want to jump way ahead of Arvol. Guess you could say I'm holding my action. :p
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