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Fwua Its A Kate-Kup

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Last Login: 08/03/2013 8:26 pm

Registered: 01/29/2010

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Birthday: 06/04

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what exactly is a... kate... kup???

Well let me tell you!

A Kate-Kup is a crazy silly ridiculously cool kind of girl.
She's going to be 23 in just one month =D!!! Birfdays for Kate-Kup!!! (That means presents)
No matter how old Kate-Kups get they always act like children

I will finish tomorrow. It is 5 am right now and I need to be up at 8... MY BAD!!! NIGHT... morning... something...

oh the places i have been

When I was too little to remember I lived in New York and New Mexico, and possibly Arizona. When I was in 7th grade (so about... 11?) I moved from New York to Tennessee. New school, new people, new classes, new surroundings Then a year later we moved to a different place in TN. Again new school, new people, new classes, new surroundings. After finishing 8th grade we moved back to NY. At 15 we moved to another district in NY. Then before I even turned 16 we moved houses again but stayed in the same school district, thank God. At 17 my parents gave me an option, move back to TN with them or try to make it on my own in NY. My bf and I moved down to TN but after a year or so we moved back to NY (10-20 minutes from queens... no beuno) Then at 20 I moved alone from NY to TN and within a week I was living in South Carolina. After a ton of ping ponging back and forth between TN and SC every couple of months I finally decided to stay in TN and that's where I've been for over a year now.

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my sexy best friend sandy cakes ^_^ lol <333

Donations From Teh Awesome Peoples ^_^

XxKidnap.Mr.Sandy.ClausxX - Black Sweetheart Ruffled Dress and Smoky and Milk Quartz Headband

Klovin - 4k Gold

JamesSomethingorOther - 8k Gold

Garvayne - 15k Gold

Thank you all for your super awesomeness <333 ^.^


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vz-karma Report | 06/02/2013 5:57 pm
Thanks for buying! emotion_awesome emotion_c8 emotion_bigheart
Dearest Fantasy Report | 06/01/2013 1:24 pm
Dearest Fantasy
Darkoolaid Report | 07/01/2012 8:58 am
Pokes. I miss my old friends
Dearest Fantasy Report | 06/01/2011 10:23 am
Dearest Fantasy
So your birthday is coming up soon, and I need to figure out what to get you. xD
Darkoolaid Report | 03/06/2011 10:03 pm
=[ where is joo?
xXxNeichanxXx Report | 06/04/2010 2:05 am
Happy birthday =D
Nekoai-kun Report | 06/03/2010 2:37 pm
Happy early birthday ^^
Dearest Fantasy Report | 05/11/2010 8:01 pm
Dearest Fantasy
Hey lover!! I have a proposition for you. :] Make an outfit from stuff on your wishlist that's under 60k, and I'll get it for you. <3
Wes89_gr33n Report | 04/09/2010 4:55 pm
never seen fantasia XD
Wes89_gr33n Report | 04/07/2010 1:32 am
a joke...story... thing he told. of how he saw his dad's junk when he was a kid and he over exadurated the description and said there was a wizard standing on a mountain top shooting lightning from his hands or somthing.... i'll look it up on youtube


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Crazy things come in small packages...^.^

I'm not coming back, I've done something so terrible. I'm terrified to speak but you'd expect that from me. I'm mixed up, I'll be blunt. Now the rain is just washing you out of my hair, and my mind. Keeping an eye on the world, so many thousands of feet off the ground. I'm over you now, I'm at home in the clouds. I'm towering over your head.

We can kick it here for hours and just mouth off about the world and how we know it's going straight to hell. Pass me another bottle honey, the jagers so sweet, but if it keeps you around then I'm down. Meet me on thames street. I'll take you out though I'm hardly worth your time. In the cold you look so fierce, but I'm warming up because the tension's like a fire.

~*[Is In Love With All Time Low]*~