[******** you in Drunk!, ******** you im Drunk! Pour my beer down the sink ive got more in the trunk! ******** you, I'm drunk!
******** you, I'm drunk!
And I'm going to be drunk till the next time I'm drunk!!! -Gwar

Ello. I enjoy reading and playing video games. Favorite video games are the kingdom hearts series, FF, hack. GU, and other role playing games as well. I have a game cube and a play station 2, love those wacky things. Anyways...I live with my father because my parents split up but i agreed to live with my father, lets just say i am more like him then anyone else is. We have two animals at the moment, Marley and Xion. Marley being a weird dog i don't really like because of an incident with tearing up a few of my books. by the way...my books are like my kids. Xion is my new precious kitten. She is so adorable and fuzzy. (See Xion in my pictures). There was a terrible death that past not to long ago. Shelby. The dog that I basically grew up with has fallen ill and was put down. Miss her so much! RIP Shelby! I have two siblings, Christina and Tj. Tj being the oldest and Christina the middle child. Basically you could say that a life has its ups and downs once in a while.


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G9 in wonderland

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G9 in wonderland

Happy birthday!!
G9 in wonderland

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G9 in wonderland

A fellow Anita Blake fan!! I heart You!
G9 in wonderland

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G9 in wonderland

LOVE your siggy! Profile is pretty sweet too. Boondock saints for the win!


[b:217939de42]"We are the Saints!!!" [/b:217939de42][/color:217939de42] [/align:217939de42][img:217939de42]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v519/SiofraTheElf/Boondock Saints Icons/again2.gif[/img:217939de42]x[/color:217939de42][img:217939de42]http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l482/miiiiaaaaa/LJ Icons and Banners/clear_sarcasm044.png[/img:217939de42]x[/color:217939de42][img:217939de42]http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee16/todayiamrhonda/Icons/bs-ice-on-mine.gif[/img:217939de42][/align:217939de42]