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Hey. (:
Well, I'd tell you how old I am, but I'm probably going to forget to update it lol. Just recently I read my profile and realized that it hadn't been updated in a few years.
December 17, 1994. You do the math.
Made in Hawaii. Sagittarius.
Currently working full-time at Boost Mobile.
Taken heart as of 06.16.12 10:25PM.
I'm always open to making new friends.(:
I'm kind of a camera whore. xD
I've been called a b***h, but if telling people the truth and standing up for myself is "bitchy," then so be it.
If you want to know anything else, just ask. (: I don't bite.... Hard.


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IcePunnk Report | 03/08/2012 2:24 pm
welcome. yeah, you too.
mafaevo Report | 03/06/2012 3:47 pm
u r welcome!!
BlackFlameAssassin Report | 01/28/2012 8:05 am
Sup? I was wondering if you would like to be friends.. sweatdrop ..that's all. cool cool ninja ninja burning_eyes burning_eyes
De4D Report | 01/26/2012 8:44 pm
Well, I don't know if they had KCC in mind when they said that college is hard :/
Although it still is a lot easier than I thought it would be. (Took one class there last semester for running start). You should try and see if you can get higher or more classes if you're so far ahead (if you still can. Not sure when the drop/switch deadlines were/are mad )
And where do you work?
Cool_story_bro1117 Report | 01/24/2012 6:20 pm
Once there was a girl named Lucinda. Her sister killed her. She haunted her sister. If u dont send this message to 5 people
you will DIE! A little girl called Stephine only sent it to 3 people and at midnight she was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden, she got a bloody knife through her head. A girl called Ariana didn’t believe this and the ghost haunted her and killed her mother!
De4D Report | 01/16/2012 1:34 am
Of high school :X
De4D Report | 01/16/2012 1:34 am
You enrolled in college? Which one? surprised
So did you drop out? O.o
defiantking Report | 01/15/2012 6:40 pm
No problem. c:
De4D Report | 12/26/2011 4:09 pm
Christmas was alright, I guess.
The days leading up to it weren't too great, and I can't really say that I felt the Christmas Spirit this year, but there were a few redeeming things that made it a great Christmas like no other biggrin

How was your Christmas?
And I didn't know you still used your Gaia account ;o
ravienne Report | 01/18/2011 12:27 am
thanks! mrgreen


If I told you I was perfect, I'd be lying.
If there's something I ain't doing, babe I'm trying.
I know I'm no angel... But I'm not so bad.
If you see me at the party conversating,
It doesn't mean telephone numbers are exchanging.
I know I'm no angel, but I'm not so bad.
[Leslie heart Dorian]


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