skyler. trans. he/him.

hello, i'm skyler! i'm a sun goddess, a bear prince and a huge heroine enthusiast!

my favorite things include anime + cartoons, video games, books, movies, and learning about anything and everything!

for video games, i love rpgs. my faves include persona, final fantasy, tales of, fire emblem and so many more. i'm also a huge fan of visual novel games such as zero escape, ace attorney, twewy, and a bunch more.

also! puzzle games like professor layton are so, so great! if it's a game and it catches my interest, i'll definitely play it.

i love shounen anime. hunter x hunter ruined my life, i'm big into ygo (esp arc v), and i'm in love with dgm. hopefully in the future, i get into more!

i'm a big fan of sports anime, such as haikyuu, diamond no ace, free!, yuri on ice, oofuri and many more! it's even better if the sports anime have cute girls in it because i'm so gay

however, i also like slice of life, psychological horror, and anything to do with time travel. magical girl and shoujo anime is great too!

my favorite cartoons are star vs the forces of evil, steven universe, teen titans, avatar, we bare bears and many more!

i have too many favorite movies, but i'm definitely fond of ones from studio ghibli, marvel movies, and anything that catches my interest! i love horror movies a lot!

i'm currently trying to find myself through new interests so you're always welcome to say hello or recommend me something! i'm always interested!

profile art: @jikudam
fuyuhiko kuzuryuu