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Strange. That's all I can describe myself as.

My playlists go from Black metal bands Like Dimmu Borgir to Disney Soundtracks (can't go a day without listening to "Love will find a way) from Lion King 2. Kovu/Kiara FTW <3 (secretly Kovu/Simba FTW >.>; wink

Anywho, I'm a nice guy. I love to socialize and I enjoy Roleplays more than anything sometimes (though my responces sometime's based on how my day has gone ._.

If you ever want a good Literate RP Partner, hit me up, I've done everything: Yaoi, Yuri, Furry, Neko, Master/slave, Vampire, Dragon, Angel/demon, Naga/Lamia the list goes on forever! Lol

Just call me Kite, that's the name of my most successful RP character to date. And he was one of my first. O.o He was just used so long that he had developed as if he'd really lived and grew with the period of time I'd used him.

Alot of people think I'm violent or mabye moody because of how well I express emotions in my Roleplays but I'm really just a teddy bear that's a little neglected in the love department, mostly of my own doing though because I'm anti-social ._.


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Antsuna Report | 06/10/2009 9:07 pm
Oh, as a warning, however, I don't know about your sexuality and do not particularly care in any case, and, if you are gay or bi, he won't either I assure you (or else he wouldn't be my roommate or have half the friends that he does,) but he is straight. Just to let you know, saving everyone from possible future embarrassment. Heh. I'm not a furry, but I hear enough from him to know that a lot of the foxes out there are gay or bi with him being the only straight one he knows, so just for clarification.
Antsuna Report | 06/10/2009 7:14 pm
Kukuku... I shall, then. If you'll give me a couple of weeks. For the moment, I'm staying at another house and cannot contact him. *sigh*
Antsuna Report | 06/09/2009 10:42 am
I should introduce you to a friend of mine: a blue fox furry who cries when he watches Kovu's exile scene.
throwawayaccount899221 Report | 03/11/2009 12:25 pm
So how is life in Misery? LOLZ.
pokkiistiicks Report | 12/29/2008 2:38 am
nice avi.





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