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Franken Stein- フランケン・シュタイン -Furanken Shutain
Dat Hakase - Desu za Kiddo
Hakaseo - Burakkuu Suta
Steino - Burakkuu Suta
Dat Stein - CoIonel Mustang
Prof - Omega Overlord Laharl
Screw-Boy - Romantic Torture
Screwie - Romantic Torture
Houbai - xKururu
Franny - Kirikou Rungu
The Nutty Professor - Kirikou Lungu
Doctor Bolt - Romantic Torture
Screw Doctor - Romantic Torture
The Screw - Kirikou Lungu
The Screwy Bolt - Romantic Torture
Bolt-sensei - Mii 8D
Damn Screwhead - HlRUMA
******** Screwhead - HIRUMA
Steon - Romantic Torture and CoIonel Mustang
Steam - CoIonel Mustang
Dr. Crazy - Mifune the swordsman
Doctor Bromance - Orihara lzaya
Mr. Glasses Guy - FormaI
Steiny-chan - FormaI
Alejandro - Orihara lzaya
Stitched Pillow - FormaI
Doctah - Nashishi
Doc Oc - Nashishi
Mister Licks - Nashishi

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*Creaking and groaning emerge into the night air, their source being none other than Patchwork Laboratories' own double doors being motioned to open, the years of rust giving them such a bizarre sound when they moved. However, there seems to be no trance of any living force pushing the double doors*

*They come to a slow halt - the noise from the doors died down and replaced by wheels rolled against steel flooring. At first, it sounds farther, lighter, but gradually gains volume - finally being at it's loudest as a man in a patchwork swivel chair comes into view. It tips over the door's speed bump, leading to a rather nice fall to the ground*

So, do you need something?

*He seems unshaped by the fall - his current interest captivated on why he would have a visitor. Suddenly, the gears in his mind click, finding a resolution to his own question.*

Ahh, yes, yes, I get it, you wanted to know more about me.

*With a slight grunt, he picks himself up - along with his swivel chair - setting it up straight, and settling himself down upon it's stitched, cushion seat.*

My name is, Doctor Franken Stein, a doctor of philosophy, a scientist. My motives are quite simple. Observation research, that's all. Everything in this world is my research material - that includes myself, of course. My studies do include dissection and dismembering - but that's simply how I understand the world around me~.

*His glasses give off a light gleam, a smile tugging on his lips. However, he clears his throat.

However, I'm also an instructor at Shibusen, or the Death Weapon Meister Academy, or even the DWMA, as some would call it. I'm also a Technician, or Meister, and even went to Shibusen when I was younger.

*He perches an elbow onto of the chair's head, motioning his finger much like a teacher's pointer when they explained something on a chalkboard.

Shibusen is an organization, located in Death City, Nevada. It's goal is to remain the Status Quo, by warding off Pre-Kishins and Evil Humans from becoming a Kishin. However, Shibusen is more like a school, teaching young Meisters and Demon Weapons - who have the goal of collecting 99 Pre-Kishin Souls, and 1 Witch Soul. Technicians, or Meisters, have the ability to wield Demon Weapons or Demon Tools - who are those who can transform themselves into a weapon, and back to a more human looking state.

*He pauses, remembering when he had dissected a Demon Weapon - Spirit, to be exact - and finding how it ticked. It was a wonderful observation, a glorious study to find out of how their bodies differed. His lips curve into a rather sadistic smirk.*

When I was a Meister, my weapon was Spirit Albarn, a scythe weapon. Our wavelengths were very stable - our partnership lasting for 5 years. Spirit-senpai did also make an interesting test subject. . .

*His smirk grows into much more of a grin*

I still remember, Senpai's sleeping face~.

*Much to his twisted, sadistic dismay, he breaks away from the thought of dismembering his Senpai while he slept as he did when they were still partners.

I never did manage to turn Senpai into a Death Scythe. There was a woman who did steal my research material and partner.. . .

*He tries to recall her name, reaching for the bolt in his head, giving it a few cranks*

Oh! Right! It was Kami Albarn. The mother of Maka Albarn, one of my students, and a fellow Scythe Meister.

*The thoughts of his students slowly intrude his thought process, but shakes it off.

Even if I didn't turn Senpai into a Death Scythe, we were very compatiable Wavelength wise. When we resonated our souls, we could perform attacks such as, Witch Hunter - a technique basic for all Scythe Meisters -, Experimental Ecoplaysm, and Soul Thread Stitching. In my time where I didn't have a partner, I had trained myself through many combat trainings, to learn how to strike with my Soul Wavelength. For example, my Soul Purge. ..

*He raises his hand, and a crackling noise is heard as some sort of lightning like energy emits from his hand*

. . . Is something along those lines. There are actually two versions of this attack, Two Palm Soul Menace - Twin Spears, and Successive Palm Soul Menace - Three Extremes "Wèi" "Wú" "Shǔ".

I also have the technique of Soul Perception, which allows me to see other people's souls - and even idenitfy their characteristics. I guess that makes me an Ultra First Rate Meister then, huh? Though it isn't as strong as Joe's.

After the years of being alone - I was reassigned a new partner recently, Marie Mjolnir, a Death Scythe from Oceania - who apparently had a relationship with Joe.

*He runs a hand through his silver hair - the concept of love absolutely complex for him to understand.

I've been partnered up with her since she has a Soul Wavelength with a calming effect that can heal my madness. . .

Ah, I never did tell you, did I~? I'm prone to madness terribly - something I don't really enjoy. As it seems tempting - the promises of a new world, free state of mind - however, it contains the rule of a God with an ego, and the insanity puts up an interesting struggle. . ~.

*A strained laugh emerges from his vocal chords, grinding his top row of teeth against his lower lip, a shudder going down his spine. Beads of sweat tremble down his pale face. A pause ensures - he takes a breath, trying to calm himself.

. . . when I resonate my soul with Marie's, we can use a technique called, Izuna, where Marie takes the form of a tonfa, and infuse her nerve ending's with electricity, making a great increase in both Marie and my motor skills and speed.

*He momentarily pauses, fixing the adjustment of his glasses*

I guess that's all you need to know about me for now. After all - you don't need to know how my mind ticks~.

*He rises from his chair*

I have research and experiments to conduct, you know.

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Death City colleagues and beyond
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Test specimens Other Cosplayers/People.
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