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Aunda Report | 09/30/2011 3:31 pm
Cherokee mrgreen
chaotic_Zan Report | 08/16/2011 12:24 pm
Chaos laughed,
"Only if your a norma Soilder Recruit, which your not, we go to the back room i'm pushing you to where you almost die, which you wont."

Chaos worked his way passed the equipment into an empty room much like the last.
chaotic_Zan Report | 08/15/2011 9:31 am
Chaos walked inside the elevator again pushing the lowest level the light in the elevator was flickering, the elevator stopped

"just give it some time these old machines do this."
chaotic_Zan Report | 08/11/2011 1:05 pm
That morning they left at dawn and arrive at the broken down facility one of the doors kept opening and closing chaos was surprised they made it to last and abandoned it he stepped over the mountds of sand, went to an old desk where a lady would have been taking appointments but nothing was left expcept a dusty computer monitor. He went behind a desk and pressed the down button for the elivator the light turned a dim green as a loud rumble came down the elevator opened as the two walked in and chaos pressed the lowest number.

They came into a small room with chairs, infront of the chairs were broken glass looking into a Large room that droped down forty feet, and went up another 40 feet. it was black outlined in a neon yellow color.
chaotic_Zan Report | 08/11/2011 12:19 pm
"there is one place i knkow we will be safe its a training facility, we will work on your powers more and they wont be able to track us."

The place he was thinking about was an old Soilder Facility in the middle of no where surrounded by the mountain ranges the ground was now all dirt nothing growing or living there the above ground facility was just a bad with the doors held open by mounds of dirt and everything inside covered with dirt, Almost a ghost town. They would head there in the morning giving Fullmetal a chance to recover all his strength, He mumbled a few words then a golden bubble surrounded them and then covered itself with black tribal signs to anyone else it would look like no one was here. and they could not sence full metals leaking powers.
chaotic_Zan Report | 08/11/2011 11:58 am
"They shouldn't have been able to find us that fast something else is going on here. Are you sure you haven't been captured by Soilder before?"

Chaos when up to the spring looking at the reflection of the moon on it,

"or they just really want you gone."

chaotic_Zan Report | 08/11/2011 11:35 am
A majority of them were dopplegangers where the other bounty hunters Imerged from the ground all grinning bearing teeth as if theives in the dark, a small Golden feather floated to the ground, between all the bouty hunters and exploded Crumbling a large portion of that standing and creating a crater the building started shaking and began to crumble. A black shadow shot up into the sky and a voice imerged into fullmetals mind

"If you can fly this well then follow me and hurry."

The shadow was quick fast enough to break a sonic boom but not doing so for stealth reasons. only a golden hint in the eye. chaos had resorted to releasing a minor portion of his seals turning his body black for the time being to ensure that much destruction in a small feather. no one had live to see that move except full metal because he was out of the range of the blast. Moving like a bullet chaos moved into a mountain range with in seconds he had made it several miles outside the city. leading fullmetal with his thoughts. once landed before full metal could arrive and see, golden symbols appeared on chaos' body and withdrew the darkness giving the skin tone back.
chaotic_Zan Report | 08/11/2011 11:09 am
"we shouldn't stay here long, They want you bad enough they highered me which means more will be on the way."

Chaos finished his rice, and changed clothes not being able to hide his scar, he couldn't do anything else.

"i'll find a safe way out."

Sure enough as chaos Walked out of the room Bullets blazed by When will this end he thought. He raced up to them with blinding speed wrapping one arm around an infantry mans gun arm shooting the men around him. Alarms sounded and chaos rushed up the stairs, the elevator was in an emergency stop and chaos was gone leaving full metal in the room by himself. with red lights blinking all the closed doors now automatically locked except for the fire escape hearing the gunshots here and there fading eventually
chaotic_Zan Report | 08/10/2011 11:52 pm
Chaos lunged forward and grabbed him before he hit the ground, He grabbed an elixer from he coat for a quick recovery as he poured them on his wounds the wounds would steam and close. He carried him on his shoulder, into a town called sky city only a few yards from were they were currently at. Since Fullmetal had already passed out he'd sleep for a little bit to regain most of his strength but chaos had gained his quiet composure again and was smiling at the cloudy sky faintly, He would help this boy train and make a new past to replace his old. He Arrived at a Hotel in sky city one that was 20 stories high but secretly was 20 stories below ground as well he had chosen a room at level -14 and had sprawled full metal on to a bed not worrying about taking any clothes off of him he saw no point. He opened the mini fridge and grabbed a coke, opening the blinds was a fake scenery of the city as if he were +14 stories high he let out a small chuckle then looked at fullmetal, This boy is something else he thought to himself. his coat was back on and he was rubbing the silver pendent on his neck.
chaotic_Zan Report | 08/10/2011 11:20 pm
Chaos raised his head with a grin, Another Blade appeared in his other hand a silver one his gold in the other, He seemed to move more lightly now, he swept both blade as if he was slapping paint on a wall, His smile large and insane on his face his golden eyes wide with enjoyment his coat was thrown off only his shirt and jeans the coat seemed to weigh a ton the way it hit the ground. Chaos was dashin in circles around fullmetal cuts seemed to just appear on full metals body. shin, forearm, thigh, bicep, chaos' eyes never left his enemy though, symbols were appearing on his body like tribal art glowing yellow at first then fading to black. A Quick jab was made to Full metals thigh only to be quickly grabbed by the masked boy, a quick slap to the head with the golden blade only to be held back by the back of the masked boys fist. Not a fraction of the second past chaos adjust flipping his body and slamming the heel of the boot to the forehead of the skull

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