Hey there people. Thanks for visiting my page.
I'm Fullmetal Magician, and as you can tell I'm an FMA fan.

I'm 17, and in my last year of high school, in Australia, finally.
I love pretty much a lot of things, like movies, concerts, music, art, food, culture, etc.
I can speak 2 1/2 languages, which are Tagalog, English, Spanish and Japanese.
Let me explain about the 1/2 bit. I am currently learning Japanese in school, and some words in Tagalog are Spanish so I kind of understand the language.
English is not my main language as you can tell. My vocabulary is not as colourful as you would expect, I apologize.

Anyway, my favourite actor is Robert Downey Jr. He's a hunk and a genius. My favourite movies from him are Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Tropic Thunder.
Yeah, comedy is pretty much my favourite movie genre... and action. God I love explosives.

I love video games. Currently I'm starting to like shooting games. My dad bought Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for himself but instead I ended up finishing the game. I want to marry Capt. MacMillan. ;A;

I love music. I can listen to any genre, but I'm more of an R&B/Soul person. I love Al Green and Stevie Wonder, and I'm currently loving Robin Thicke, however sexually influenced his songs are at the moment. Hahaha.
Oh and, don't diss Daft Punk coz Imma bash yoh head off if you call 'em stupid.
I'd make them join my men harem if I have to. cool
Hahaha jkz I'm not that mentally challenged... <_<>_>

Forgot to say, I draw a lot. A LOT. If I had a choice, I'd quit my Extension Maths class and join the Art Class, but I cannot resist my Math teacher's "YOUTUBE BREAKS". D:

Oh gosh Youtube, you are the smecks.

Oh and uhh... do you really want art?
Do you... really?

PUHLEEZ VISIT MY DEVIANTART PAGE!!! If you want any art, tell me. Oh, and one more thing. I prefer PayPal. cool

That's all for now, because I have no idea on what to talk about now. Gladly PM me or something if you have any more questions.



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biggrin smiles-no they are not-

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biggrin hi--hugs--gods son christ jesus died on the cross for our sins so that by believing in him we can have life--on judgement day the unbelievers will be cast inot the lake of fire--belief in christ cometh from the father through the hearing of his words them that are in the bible

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Third eye kind of, and sociology kind of.. you type English very well, the time difference (I used to have a couple online friends from Aussie) and well I just had a feeling.. Your grammer's pretty good. So that's how I got Australlia. And yes I'm mad because I'm literally insane, but that's not ALL my fault.. stimuli is a hard thing to deal with when you have a primal brain in a society fulll of idiots... Philosphy I mean terms of thinking and by matters of things.. Like any subject sort of.. Theology, religion, drugs, theoretical things that people don't like to touch sometimess because when they think about it too hard and try to debate and or anyalize it they DO GO MAD.. it's a fun adventure, treasure, and hobby for me.. to reveal the skeletons of life and theories of such things from different people's perspectives.. I'm also an occultist.

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Fullmetal Keyblades

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Fullmetal Keyblades


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I have a lot of interesting views on things. I have a library of stuff in my head, I am referred to as the "Mad hatter" in my town by my peers. Where are you from.. It's only 9:13 AM here.. that's almost a 12 hour difference.. I'm guessing probably Australia I'm guessing? I didn't look at your profile througoughly.

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Thanks for the tip *bows* And how are you?

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Free hatS! Yay! Thanks. <3 Heeheehee. I iz noob. @.@

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