My username is pronounced "Foo-kee". You should all be ashamed of yourselves. 3:<

I get bored easily. Which amounts to a lot. This affects my mood and personality when it shouldn't, I feel like.

But I love cartoons.

Graduated in stuff. Will eventually pursue some more stuff.

Currently: Hiding in the cracks.

P.S. I hide in a very big anti-drama bubble. Try to pop it and you might get soap in your eye. ;D

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(9-30-2011): There's a glitch on my account that sometimes removes people from my friendslist. I don't remove people (unless you only added me to beg, scam or be a creep), so if you're one of the glitch's victims, feel free to send me another invite.

(06-08-2013): Rest in Peace, Dad, I love you forever.