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Gender: Male

Location: Straight

Occupation: Roleplaying


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To any random newcomers (how did you find me?) transitioned primarily to Discord.
Had my Journal deleted, so boo.
I'll revamp this once it's time.

I am an online pervert.
I roleplay in PMs.
No kink shame.
Length & Grammar not important.

Ask for a link to see what I like and don't.
I like almost everything. I can be almost everything.
Think of me as a shapeshifter. Or Play-doh.
Malleable enough to fit almost any hole.

Sometimes busy even when I am Online.
Unavailable a few days (1-2) every week.
Friending me: See my availability updates.

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iRL info. Unimportant for RP.
I love fire and have too many books.
Work in a lab, attend college, all at a snail's pace.
Currently taking a break from the above.
Doing fixing and mysterious stuff.

Vices are reading. (Anthologies are my current love).
(Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk are awesome).
Drinking & smoking.
Writing, doodling (been ages).
Anime/movies. (JoJo!)
Podcasts/music. (Welcome to Nightvale podcast. Rock, Rap; but like a bit of all).
PC gaming on Steam. (Monster Hunter World is addicting).

I love memes.
Show me memes and you'll win me over.


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