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The stuff you dont strictly need to know...

Hey! My name is Oliver, I am 18 and I am from England! Im generally a friendly person and I would love to get to know you better! xD

Welcome to my profile anyway, despite it lacking anything that would make it impressive. Its not the best in the world but once upon a time I did try. Most of my time is spent elsewhere now.

Stuff you should know:
-I can be found in Rally, hanging out with friends and meeting new people.
-I get on better with girls than I do with guys.
-I am straight despite what you think of the previous sentence. =)
-I have lots of Gold and items and I like to mess about with them. I rarely donate but when I do it is to friends, so random beggars really get on my nerves.>:/
-I have various moods and many avatars to represent them.
-I dont accepts random friend requests. Thats just stupid.
-I would rather have a small circle of close friends than a database of names that I dont know. Get to know me, then send a request.
-I can be a little flirtacious. I'l soon find out if you are. ;D
-Im up for a laugh and I wont sit around listening to people moan about themselves and their misery. (unless they are a close friend then of course I will)
-Be yourself, and be brutally honest. I would rather know what you think and be hurt than be given a bag of lies to make me feel better.
-I try use proper grammar and spelling when I can, so if yu tak lik dis den dunt botha.
-This whole close friend stuff, dont worry about it. =)

The rest, you will have to find out! xD

Fish :)

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No chain mail please.

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Denyala Report | 12/20/2013 8:11 am
Happy Holidays!
EATTHEHEARRT Report | 08/03/2012 4:24 pm
^^ i'm glad you got back on and saw my comment.

I also saw that you needed someone to talk to,
I'm always here for a chat if, and whenever you're bored.
EATTHEHEARRT Report | 06/24/2012 1:59 am
Just wandering through Gaia,
and i saw your avatar.

Just wanted to say how
aesthetically pleasing it is.
roxalona Report | 06/20/2012 11:34 pm
I need you!!! i gotta tell you about my LOSER LIFE xD HAHAHAHAH XD
Sweet - Pea Report | 04/05/2012 7:37 am
Sweet - Pea
Haha!! I know, just logged on randomly today though and it's all bringing back memories, been a long time! Do you still go on here then?!
Renmallows Report | 02/28/2012 8:11 pm
User Image

Your wrong...

User Image

I would never ask that.

User Image

User Image
Renmallows Report | 02/27/2012 12:43 pm
User Image

Must buy Lobo the wolf razz

User Image

I have become nekkid ^.^

User Image

User Image
Renmallows Report | 02/26/2012 11:31 pm
OMG ur on!
Renmallows Report | 02/26/2012 8:27 pm
heart Get On Oliver! -_- heart
Beloved Angell Report | 02/19/2012 12:27 pm
Beloved Angell
meebo me... we needa talk.

I know u were here...

Ashtray Balls
Beloved Angell

Mandy was the first person I became friends with but its such a shame she quit =/

I need somebody to talk to. =D

This is a hacking attempt made by a hacker on the 27th of August 2010 to my account. He was reported and banned for it. Do not bee fooled by a message like this.

The new old money and a legend in the making <---

Theres a special place in me for this one :P

A true ray of sunshine in my life, she quit gaia, never forgotten.