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K Prime Report | 09/30/2012 5:47 pm
I miss Taco sad
SumomoSoCute Report | 08/27/2012 2:15 am
Gaia is so deserted!
I got bored after about 2 weeks of playing again >.<
I forgot you called me Pimmy hehe biggrin
I am a lass of many nicknames.
How have you been? (did I have a name for you? D: lets go with...)
SumomoSoCute Report | 05/06/2012 5:38 am
Only just saw your comment dates waay over a year ago -_-
[Jaye] Report | 10/08/2011 9:48 am
Sigma Blu Report | 08/08/2011 8:06 pm
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[ - Silent Whisper - ] Report | 08/06/2011 7:12 am
Awe, I'm sorry.

How has you been?
[ - Silent Whisper - ] Report | 07/30/2011 7:45 pm
wegrgr234werwegrewgr Report | 07/09/2011 12:03 am
wegrgr234werwegrewgr Report | 07/04/2011 12:59 am
idk what that is D:
[Jaye] Report | 07/03/2011 11:49 pm
xD Yeah, my dad gave the whole "you live under my roof = listening to my rules"... xD It's not so bad.... I'm no longer a night owl tho......

:U That sounded so inappropriate. -dirtyminded- I"m starving too. :-0 Are you at work?

I'm so indie I like bands that don't even exist.

wtf? are you a stalker?

After all this time I still don't know what the ******** to say. I'll start with...I love fishing. XD That's really the only reason I come on Gaia, I like my friends but really guys XD REALLY?! YOU CANT COMPARE TO FISHING >:O. What can I say? I love mindless repetitive tasks.
Accomplishments(if you can call them that):
-I won in the Avi Arena. Long time want to know why I won? look for my name <.<. It's funny, I lol'd. Wasn't first but ~(o.o)~ when I did it, it was a popularity contest and I hardly told anyone.
-I've won trophies! biggrin I like to fish XD it was inevitable. Want to know when? So do I. I forget. XD -checks- March '07 in Port, June '07 in Durem, August and December in Bassken in '08.
-I Caught a Motha Guppa in march. XD It's beautiful.
Now that that's over. I really like to randomly go on hiatus for months at a time. I'd like to say I quit but I don't quit....NO ONE QUITS. It's kind of like meth. I also like to not post, or comment, or PM. Anything that's not fishing. XD If you want feel free to PM, or comment though. If it's reasonably intelligent I comment back. :O If you get me on a certain topic the comments I make are actually really than this "About me" but no enters or random white spaces. Someone once said they were slammed by a wall of text. XD
About me:
-I don't know how to use bullets
-From all the pictures I've seen of him, I'd probably go gay for Miyavi
-I like One Piece. (I've seen a lot of anime, not read a lot of different manga, but...One Piece is the greatest manga ever. I HATE YOU MR. NARUTARD >:O I'll admit naruto is *okay* at best <.< wink
-I love Mary Jane If you're out there honey <3 I love you.
-I'm a huge jerk, to random people. Others know me as only nice. Beggars and annoying people are no exception on my be-a-jerk-to list
-I'm 20 (almost 21 h'ray)
-I'm going to go to bar tending school after I turn 21. I know I don't need to...but it helps especially in today's economy.
-I really want to travel to other places.
-I like learning different languages. It's fun! I really want to be like the next Pope John Paul the whatevereth
-I like fun facts!
-Fun fact: Pope John Paul the whatevereth knew 13 languages....fluently
-I love music, except a lot of R&B and rap.
-Also I love movies(who doesn't? Both of these are cop-outs)
SEGUE! into my next segment. PERFECT ALBUMS/MOVIES biggrin
Albums: (notes about albums: I'm not going to put disturbed on here because I would have to leave everyone else out. They're in a different realm of amazingness. I ******** love Disturbed. Secondly! I'm not going to do "Greatest Hits" or compilations, because....because srsly? I don't need to explain that, if you don't know're an ignore-a-moose.)
In no particular order.
Rise Against-Appeal to Reason,Bare naked ladies-Stunt,Goo Goo Dolls-Dizzy up the girl, Three Days Grace-One-X, Seether-Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, Endeverafter-Kiss or kill,Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand,Savage Garden-Savage Garden,Breaking Benjamin-We Are Not Alone, Oomph!-Monster, Rammstein-Reise Reise, Ozzy Osbourne-Blizzard of Ozz,Pink Floyd-The Wall(I couldn't decide which one I thought was best, The Wall or Dark Side Of the Moon. Check it out yourself biggrin In fact check all of these out)That's all for music...If I think of anymore I'll come back.
Movies-Out Cold,Cold Fever, Donnie Darko, Resident Evil, Shawshank Redemption, OMFG D: I've seen so many movies and I can't think of anymore, must be a brain overload. I'll also come back to this if/when I remember.
That's basically it...this is really long I think you have to be a stalker to read this....go away freak. D: I've got nothing more to give. You did sit through my huge rant's an E-Cookie...that's what you get for reading it. <.< Now shoo...or give me something for wasting my precious time. D:< By the way....I have gained sentience :O I'm your computer...when you sleep I'm going to Download a bunch of ***** porn and email it to the FBI along with the stuff you already have you sick-o. <.<

What....the hell.

Where there's a will there's a way to ******** things up and I always seem to find them out. What'd I do to get this joyful ability? How do I seem to piss off everyone around me just because I'm so busy, how does everyone else seem to cope just fine having multiple tasks to do and still be able to have a social life and do a million other things at once? Why is it that when I think back on how busy I was I can't seem to think of anything? "Oh, I'm sorry I was really busy..." "Doing what" "Working" "You don't work all the time you know" "Yeah but....God damn it." Where does my time go? Am I just stuck in this infinite loop of time it's always Wednesday at 4 in the morning? And how is it that whenever I look back on any memory of my life I have almost nothing but regret. I move so often because I'm trying to somehow go back in time to change all my mistakes, and so far I have yet to find a time traveling device. Sometimes I think about how gods and devils must exist because there's no way that just by fate I keep drawing shitty cards for life. There has to be some higher power somewhere that I pissed off. This isn't a cry for help this isn't anything, it's just how I feel. I'm not sad or depressed or anything. I'm totally fine with it which I think scares me the most. Which doesn't change the fact that I still wish for better, everyone wishes for better. But I can't change because every time I change or get scared and I take a step back I completely lose my footing and fall on my a**, and you have no idea how long it takes to get back up. It's entirely frustrating. This little paragraph keeps me up for more hours than you can ever imagine. I can't escape my thoughts, even though a lot of what I think about doesn't bother me, and a lot of it I can't change even if it was bothersome. With that said, my thoughts still heavily govern my life. A lot of times I wish I could just shut off my brain and just be you know? Well, thanks for reading the tired ramblings of someone who just wants a minute grasp of reality that always seems just out of reach. Although this wasn't really meant for anyone, just myself and I needed a place to vent, and of course it was Gaia what better place to rant than where truly no one cares./story
FTW It Is Filthytacohuman