Suger and Magic

Name: Confectia Sweetenia
age: Many a years have passed, but looks to be 20
Many years ago confectia was a girl known as 'Rachel'. Rachel was a sweet-aholic, all she did was eat sweets, and sweets, and sweets. But one day she found a old cottage in the woods, made entirly of candy.
She knocked on the carmalized door and a woman, covered in sugary confections took shape. "In in, deer girl" She told her and Rachel entered. Once inside Rachel asked the old woman why she had a candy house.
"Do you like candy" the woman disregarded.
"well yes ma'am" Rachel replied, her eyes began to water, and the smell of cake filled the room.
"well, take a bite of my cream-coated strawberry to find true sweets" the old woman held out a small pink-covered stawberry.
Rachel ate it, and then a pink aura began to flow around her. In moments her body changed, and Confectia was born.