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Yutora Report | 02/19/2018 5:47 pm
i can barely finish the story i started ages ago. i've been so lazy. not lazy, busy, feels like i have been lazy. emo
Yutora Report | 02/04/2018 6:14 pm
Well I doubt I'll manage a badger story, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut i sent you something else. something short. and sure send everything my way.
Yutora Report | 01/31/2018 4:17 pm

ugh i actually lost the description and now i am super sad. when i bullsh*t my way through it again i'll send it your way; that's going to take awhile, though. also that badger should have a story of its own.

i hope you get well soon, and hope you don't get all too lonely when you're moved in. also the poem was... somewhat bitter sweet.
Yutora Report | 01/25/2018 5:29 pm

You can't just throw in badgers after dauphins. I seriously thought you meant dolphins then--also had no clue what dauphins meant. Packing is always crap (I mean I realllllllly hate packing) and having no time to do such just is f*cking I'm sorry you're so busy. I would be honoured to read them and then gush and then be all lame and have nothing more to say than i love it. But I would love to send you this..."conversation" or "explanation" of "time travel" I had to bullsh*t my way through and you could tell me if the scene sounds like total crap? (so many quotations marks)
Yutora Report | 01/24/2018 12:05 pm

Ooo gosh I'd love to have an entire place just to myself and then decorating it to just reflect yourself. I'd be super exictued too. I'm still working on this old story of mine named: when the sky split. I might have even shown you at some point? Not too sure. The first part has been "done" for ages but I am really just stuck on the second part. I've got a few scenes lined up but nothing else to it. Also I laughed so hard because I am pretty sure you meant dolphins, but I was trying to figure out how the hell something french would save my story (I had to google that)--so that kind of made my day, but yeah, no, dolphins are, sadly, not apropriate for this story. My poetry has been...non-existent. I think I wrote one very short piece last year and one piece i am still not all that happy with this year. i do miss reading your poetry, though, even if I never had anything in detail to say about it besides gush.
Maeionnaise Report | 01/22/2018 3:17 pm
Thank you for the trade! yum_puddi
Yutora Report | 01/21/2018 1:03 pm
Super well actually! Just ready for a vacation... Kinda stuck on the story im writing though. And everything going well for you?
Yutora Report | 01/14/2018 2:40 pm
hey gorgeous.
Yutora Report | 10/04/2017 5:37 am
that reminds me of this blanket that helps against anxiety or something. it's supposed to feel like someone's hugging you.
Yutora Report | 10/03/2017 5:58 am
oh yeah that really sucks D: