Allan's quotes:

Life and Learning
"Everyday is a new experience for us. The things we do today can be based on our actions of the past. Or help us decide things for the future. In life there is learning, based on experience. To learn right from wrong. And to figure out for yourself what the right decisions are in your perspective, whether it be shared or your very own. You cannot fully achieve something without learning its concept, and to do so requires time and attention, and sometimes even more than that."

"Love is sometimes like a withering flower... it can fade away slowly. But until it does completely, it is still a beautiful thing."

Friendship and Forgiveness
"Fighting with your friends is not an easy thing. When they're mad the tend not to want to listen to what you have to say... even your apologies, no matter how hard you may mean them. Although forgiveness is not easy and comes with time, its not what I want from you when I say "I'm sorry", I just want you to hear me out, and at least know I'm trying to fix things between us, because I don't want to lose my close friends."

- A. D. W.


Preferred IM for people to contact me by:
AIM: squishy336@aol.com


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Thats me.... -sighs- yes, I'm on my house for some reason
I have a Myspace.
And if you want to add me on myspace PM me on here first so I know you aren't some random stranger.
I also have a DeviantArt account. I'm mostly going to put writing entries in it from now on.


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Name: Allan
Age: 15
Height: 6" 0"
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Asian
Religion: Christian
Grade: Sophomore
School: West High School: Wolf Pack Pride
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Location: Tracy, California
Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
Zodiac: Cancer
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DOB: 7/18/92
Favorite Color: Blue
Sports: Track and Field
Anime: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Trigun, Bleach
Music ♫ : I like a lot of different bands.
Favorite Food: Cookies
Pets: Cat
Favorite Season: Winter


The 25 Thoughts that keep me going:

-1. Nobody's perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. Its what makes us human.

-2. Try living life to the fullest. Taking risks here and there is what can make it interesting. Just make sure there the right ones.

-3. What goes around comes around, Karma.

-4. You cant always expect the best in things. Just hope it turns out alright.

-5. Trying your best makes you feel better.

-6. If someones feeling bad, help them feel better. It'll also make you feel good.

-7. Things happen for a reason. For good things to happen you may have to go through hard times. But in the end its worth it.

-8. Be positive. You'll give up less.

-9. Good friends last a while and come often. Best friends last forever and come only every once in a while.

-10. No matter how bad things may seem, it will get better.

-11. Looks can be deceiving. Don't judge people by that.

-12. Life's complicated. Its what makes it interesting, and hard.

-13. Although we are all different, many of us have a great amount of things in common with each other.

-14. Not all Good things are good. And not all Bad things are bad. It depends on the point of view.

-15. Theres always someone whos there to help you when you really need it.

-16. God forgives people. Christian or not.

-17. Suicide is never an answer. Its an excuse to not go on. Besides, it hurts everyone else even more.

-18. Think before you do. Where theres action, theres consequence. For better or worse.

-19. Be quick to listen, slow to anger, and slow to speak. Its good to listen to others. Its never good to be angry. And people will listen to you if you ask them.

-20. Its good to be nice to random strangers. Chances are you'll never see them again, but they'll remember your kindness.

-21. Every Person, place, and thing has a story...listen...learn...no knowledge should ever be lost...no story untold...

-22. Don't take your friends for granted. If they try to help you, accept it. You need it. And, it'll make them feel like good friends for helping you.

-23. When there's something on your mind, talk about it with one of your closest friends. If its a strong emotion such as sadness or anger, they can help you deal with it.

-24. Don't judge people by first glance. They could be completely different from what you expect. They can even become some of your closest friends.

-25. Anger and frustration always brings out the worst in us. Venting it out isn't always the best thing to do. And bottling it up is even worse. Try to understand what is wrong by writing it down somewhere, then re read what you wrote. If you look at your problems at a different point of view like this, you can sometimes find the answer to your problems a lot easier that way.


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do u still log on surprised

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hey hey you you i dont see you at school now.

why why?

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hey frost remember me its me dark mystic musical angel we used to rp in the kh rp remember you were xigbar hahaha good times this is my new account so i'll send you a friend request so that you can enter my pro friends only can see hope you recieve this comment shee you later and nice pro!! ^^
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advanced happy b-day!

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happy easter!!!!!!!!!!

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its ok 4 missing my b-day

but thx anyway.... i haven't been on 4 a long time and just checked my gaia account 4 months later
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Hat and Clogs Almighty


I'm dirt poor now. I've got like, 1 gold... xD
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Rainbow Bubbles of Doom

hey, wazzup?? long time, no chat! X3
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thanks for the coke!

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Zevix DuVrai

Alright, so... I'm Frost (a.k.a. Allan). For some apparent reason my account FrostBoy15 was banned for reasons unknown... could be permanent or it could be for only a short period of time, but I'll try my best to see what I can do to unlock it again. I apologize for not answering my PM's and stuff. So, yeah.... I have this other account I'm using. If you still wish to talk to me, add me please? And maybe some donations wouldn't hurt >_>, but you don't have to do that. Well, just letting you guys know that the Gaia staff can well... be mean for no reasons. I mean, you think I'm the type of person to get banned? Eh.... Well, hope to get back in touch with you guy's soon, later

- Frost (now known as Squishy - Kun)

P.S. You can still call me Frost


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