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Report | 06/09/2008 9:28 pm

Charmingly Insane

aw, yay, you too! <3

You should add me on myspace!


User Image
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Report | 06/07/2008 6:50 pm



Zomg. VPS not getting my Vincent any time soon!

Btw, MGS4 GO!
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Report | 06/06/2008 9:19 pm

Charmingly Insane

ahh, that'd be so cool! User Image

and thank you! <3
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Report | 06/06/2008 10:14 am


Add me causeee I need to know your last name or email to add you. xD BTW I love the medic droid!! Hecka saw them in reno, ******** awesome show.

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Report | 06/03/2008 10:23 pm

Charmingly Insane

Really? ah, that's so cool! haha, I'm jealous xD; I remember i got to talk to lanzer for like 5 seconds last year, i was so psyched about that haha.

lol, we probably did. Well, I'm pretty sure at least I did. haha! <3
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Report | 06/01/2008 8:52 pm


Hey! Do you have a myspace? User Image
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Report | 05/31/2008 12:03 am

Charmingly Insane

yeah, i was worried too. I heard about the protesters, that totally freaked me out. I was also really sad they banned the whole hugging thing! That's one of the fun things about cons, is the random people who come up and hug you, haha! Oh gosh...I just had such a blast. I always love going to the Artist's Galley and seeing everybody's stuff. I really wanted to go to the Brocolli Panel, but we missed it just barely. so sad! D:

But yeah, I'd have to agree, Black and White Ball was probably my favorite part of Fanime. I really wish I'd gone to some of the dance classes though, cuz i had no idea what i was doing, lol! <3

Did you get to go to the Gaia Panel?
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Report | 05/29/2008 3:22 pm

Charmingly Insane

lol!!! aww, that's so funny.

I did the same thing once i got home, i totally crashed! All that crazy dancing wore me out. haha. ♥

ahh, i can't wait for fanime next year. User Image
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Report | 05/29/2008 2:06 am


Don't forget to always tell yourself that things will work out. A positive outlook can get people out of the weirdest of jams.

Get the ******** job and it'll be the best thing EVAR. Hopefully you can juggle it between school and whatnot. I'm sorry it's not a full time job, but, you know, at least you get to have some money in your pocket, right? ********, this means I have to train you. LOL! Baaaw.
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Report | 05/28/2008 11:02 pm


hey nice profile mines better though mwahaha so hows life treating you
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Report | 05/28/2008 5:48 pm


b*****d! Having the things I want in this damn useless game.

Ah well. You more than deserve it. Good going. Thanks for being awesome!

Keep it up, alright?
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Report | 05/28/2008 3:35 pm

Charmingly Insane

Fanime was great! I wish it could've lasted longer, i had so much fun! xD

So what did you end up doing monday? I was so sad we couldn't stay!
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Report | 05/27/2008 9:32 pm


Yes sir. What's up?
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Report | 05/27/2008 8:29 am

Charmingly Insane

lol, haha yep!!

How are you? User Image
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Report | 05/27/2008 2:13 am


kk! will see! and did you get any signatures from the admins this time?
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Report | 05/27/2008 2:05 am


sweetness! i gotta catch up on my manga User Image but i know who your talking about! the sexy vampire gunslinger! were you good at cosplaying him???
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Report | 05/27/2008 1:54 am


a little birdy told me... ninjas are always better than pirates! details is what birdies dont tell me. you can fill me in?!
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Report | 05/27/2008 1:49 am


just evading a bunch of lunatics! j/k adult swim can take care of a lot of bordom User Image how was the fan con?
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Report | 05/19/2008 1:41 pm


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Report | 04/16/2008 4:50 am


hi =D
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