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I'm much less inactive here now, but I tend to get on every now and then.
If you want to contact me by other means, ask me in a PM!


Hey there, it's 10pm on the 13th of January 2016, and I find myself signing in on here while I do my daily dose of procrastination
I wonder to myself why I peek in all the time
Probably because of the fact that most sites I've been on like this go inactive or even go as far as to close down

And then I reminisce on how much of my teenage years have been spent on here

I don't know about you, but I'm happy with how far Gaia has come, regardless of it going a different path from my own life, as I move on to other hobbies and extracurricular activities

Thank you for being a part of me < 3


Want to know anything else about me? Ask me myself!
I don't bite!

Well, most of the time.


"Forever. And ever. And ever."


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Ok thank you though

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Excuse me how much is your art?

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You're welcome, dear. ^_^
I don't mind at all. Draw away.
Also, would you consider drawing my friend? Here is her avatar.
I'd pay you if you did. I only have 73k at the moment though. sweatdrop

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Pretty avatar

And I really like all your art.
Especially the headshot on your profile. It's really cute. ^_^
Post Coital Cookie

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Post Coital Cookie

NIfty avi.
Nya Nya Lina

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Nya Nya Lina

Why thank chu for the tip heart

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Where to start? dA - all I have is a blank page, and don't expect to see anything else before summer or fall, it isn't even on my goal sheet through August! Yes, I went active in GoM in March of 2011, crawled out of null with a friend to tutor me (do NOT try to stare the animated to death, it doesn't work!) Was promoted to Crew since I was recruiting so many, and to VC a month later. Must have been May when I ran across your freebie thread, or June, and contacted you. People loved you, but you left soon after, or maybe already had. I started Heartfire Nov. 20 of 2011, but started having trouble with my hands midsummer this last year. Am going through trying to I.D. the cause now, getting a neck x-ray. And have diabetes, that's a big thing to adjust to, a lifetime of watching everything I eat. Grr. But will adjust. I hope you do really well in achieving your goals. You should go meet Naja Kaouthia, a new friend of mine, her goal is to work in animation. And Sindeyella - she has Gaian Avimators Guild. Naja joined. I hope to go active by summer, but def after March, have a full plate & overflowing atm. Hmm...that's all I recall. sweatdrop sweatdrop Ha! Already went on a lot. I need to figure out a gallery, my profile is so jammed.

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Oops - so very sorry for the typo at end of line 3. *Blushes purple.*

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That thing up there is good! And, yes, i remember you, you were the freebie artist I ran into a** Vice-Captain in Guardians of Myhrr. I've been Captain of Heartfire for over a year now (11/20). Glad you dropped by to poke around. As you can see, i love to collect art. I've even learned the (very) basics of manipulating digital, if not very well - but my fear of showing my messes is over. Am more of a performance art/installation artist but found an acrylic technique which while isn't oil viscosity printmaking, is still a lovely medium, and I don't need a 1,000 lb. press to do the work. Also have problems with my hands but am optimistic for outcomes. Getting a better keyboard (not difficult, just is budget timing) will most definitely help. This one has various keys which stick more than occasionally....long story short, am buying a simple keyboard and setting up printer/scanners instead of a Bamboo tablet. (Cadillac tastes, tiny beer budget....never will get my portable Cray iii, but do occasionally run into someone who knows what I am saying...lulz.) Hope you enjoy wherever you are and drop in again sometime. I am jellykans on dA but have nothing there. Such is life, but I DID put my name on a tiny bit of territory and someday will fill it up with lovely odds and ends and scraps of life, a birdfeather, a pastche, and who knows, I might even get active there someday. Lulz. Am on my way over to post a Valentine's Poem to Gaia on her very first and only 1st decade Gaiaversary - which is also her 10th Birthday. You do realize what that means? Gaia herself is breaking ToS - she's only TEN!!! Don't mind me, i pulled an all-nighter to set up a friend's forums - this isn't usual fare.

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Lol. I read 'occcupation: whales' - was thinking 'Scripps Institute of Oceanography' (the Great Pacific Gyre, which is good for nothing but a landing pad, if the Enterprise ever did come back for the Humpback Whales....) or...erm...fishing (please, no).

Return profile visitor here, and haven't yet gotten past the first window pane...


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