about me

it's time for me to say this,
addressing all you guys.
except for all the drag queens,
who deserve a nobel prize.
but the straight guys-
they dont realize
what we go through everyday
and it's a lot.
now its time for all us females
to remind you just in case you all forgot...

the 7 things guys dont have to do:
1. shave legs
2. give birth
3. aunt flow
4. wear skirts
5. wax armpits
hey it hurts!
6. wear pantyhose
7. and paint your toes too
8. high heels
9. pluck brows
10. skip meals
11. count pounds
12. some girls have to carry heavy mounds (boobs)

...we're way past 7 now but i'll keep going anyhow
13. uncomfy thongs
14. tight bras
15. tampons
16. blow our money on beauty salons
17. flat iron burns
18. and health concerns from hair dye fumes

...and the reason why we do these crazy things that we do. . .
cus we do it for you.