My name is Friedrich (or Frederick) II of Prussia.
Born on January 24th, of 1712. That would make me two-hundred and ninety-eight years old, correct?

I was the King of Prussia for quite a while. From 1740 until 1786.
I was very interested in the arts when I was younger. And I kept my flute-playing all my life. My father disapproved of my flute-playing, and believed I did not look like a "soldier".

I tried to run away from home and my father at one point - he being Frederick William I of Prussia. After that I was punished with seeing my friend Hans Hermann von Katte executed. (He had been trying to help me run off.) Of course, I passed out very quickly during the beheading...

I remember the days following that - Gilbert would tell me not to be so "weak" and cry over things such as death. But how could I not? I was having hallucinations and I was very faint...

I remember very well that he did not age much at all as I grew up. He was, at first, my father's primary focus. After which he and I became very close. I also remember, upon achieving the throne... Gilbert had convinced me to go to war with Austria! I hadn't ever believed it would happen, but we became very militarily powerful.

I had pondered over marrying the Empress of Austria, Maria Theresa. I would have renounced the secession. But instead, due to my father, I was pushed into another marriage that I did not like at all, for political reasons. I did not want to take a wife, exactly. But, I did. And her name was Elizabeth Christina. I wouldn't say that our marriage didn't work... I'd say that I just preferred to have the company of my friends rather than hers.

Ah... I do believe I am done here for now. I do not wish to bore you with anything else about myself. But, if you want to ask me anything, feel free to.

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