Here's some fun quotes from my friends IRL and online heart


"I'm so lonely... I got no baady..."
"Eees not manly!"
"You and George Carlin can spontaneously combust on the bus downtown. I'm going to fade away in the middle of a sentance."
"I'm gohnna keel you--with a SPOON!!!"
"Life is just a big game of Frogger"

Darks true love

"Ow ow ow ow, pain pain pain."
"Okay, I'm over it."
"Aren't I evil?"
"My hair's SHORT! O.O"

Groups of my friends

"Iruka's god on Earth, he buys me RAMEN!"
"Here's another curse, may all your bacon burn!" "But I like my bacon burned!"


"Dude... WTF?"
"Itachi, you bastard, I'm so pissed at you, I'm gonna kill you, cause I'm cool and you're not."
"... The hell?"
"Stupid little Sasuke-bastard, leaving so that worse little Sai-bastard can show up... but he dies, so it's ok ^__^" (yeah, yeah, Sasuke's cool and all that... what the hell am I saying?! XD)
"Like, woahmygod!"
-To Kazie-chan-: XD I'm watching the second Naruto movie It's fun! But.. Kakashi isn't in it crying scream I need my sexy ninja fix... crying
Demyx is a cheap team killing whore. Damn him and his surfer dude water form thingys. Rawr.


"Elsie's Bi? ... why?"
"Were you sniffing me?"


"And she hit a bear in the road!" Everyone else: How do you hit a bear?


*ish luffed*
"Kakashi go bye-bye..."
"Well, Merci, I can hunt this guy down and send a f*cking army after him if he bugs you again. =3
I'm kinda scary...
... I'll kill him. I'll kill him dead. Like.. with a mallet, or something.
"Pocky is like crack. Makes you act funny and is addictive as f*cking hell."

Tajiri Ami

"PS: If you don't, Michael Jackson will violate you with a banana. A spiky banana. And he'll be wearing a dominatrix outfit."


XD If you want, I could give you a few RP sites... but one of them isn't really active, and the other is all Fruits Basket confused
Anything but fruits basket!! NOOOO!!

XD I don't know if your being sarcastic or not confused I hope you aren't... for the wrath of the anime gods is not to be taken lightly rofl rofl Long story... don't ask...

Nope, I'm not being sarcastic. I hate fruits basket.

O_O BLASPHEMER!!! RAWR!!! XD Just kidding... ok, so no Furuba site then... (is sorely tempted to tell the story of Ankle-guy..) Hmm... well, the other site is new, so it's pretty empty, but no Furuba there...

Furuba? WTF? And yes, I am very blasphemous, but only when I feel like it.

Furuba is short for Fruits Basket. Ah, what the hell. I'm telling you about Ankle-guy.

Ok, so I'm a member of a Japanese club at my school. One day, all the girls are talking about Inuyasha and Sesshomaru and Koga. Well, this guy comes up and says that they all suck! So, half-jokingly, the girls all start yelling at him about how he's blasphemed, and the anime gods are going to strike him down, and how he needs to take it back. Well, he doesn't, so by now, half the Japanese club starts chasing him down the hall. About 5 feet from the club door, he falls and breaks his ankle, I kid you not.

Fear the anime gods 3nodding XD I know, I know... I'm psycho XD

That is F***ing awesome!! Fear the anime gods!!

Isn't it though? XD So be careful who you tell your hatreds too... who knows... you could get hurt by a major otaku XD

I'd like to thank everyone who donated to any of my various quests! Most of you are gone now, but I'll always remember you and the generosity you showed in helping me back when I was new. Thank you all, very much.


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Mirror, Mirror...

Basically whatever pops into my head. You read it, you're bound to get some laughs...



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hello. you held those golden sparkles for me right? i have enough gold and items to pay for them. how much were they?

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thx for biding
Enjeru Minami

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Enjeru Minami

thank you for buying.

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no prob and yuffie is so kicka**^^

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i is back from the north and i is back a work!!

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by fandoms do you mean my favorite series'?

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^_^; yup haha never read one in my life....

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I haven't read any but a couple of my friends read a ton of the stuff lol.

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I'm good! just a bit tired right now mainly cause i'm bored and have nothing to do... any ideas???

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Hiya! been a while XD


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