~ Video Games
~ Crafts / Artsy stuff
~ Reading mystery/crime novels
~ Going to the shooting range
~ Watching YouTube videos
~ Hiking
~ Photography

*Hey there all you people. Miss Cat has left her computer and she left it in here so...HELLO ALL YOU PEOPLE. And as a part of being a friend, I shall embarrass said Miss:
~ she can have a terrible temper, but she bottles it up and when she gets really frustrated, instead of words her brain like overloads and all she does is make frustrated noises
~ she hates little spiders and often resorts to violence when they're around
~ she perfectly fine tarantulas
~ She was in JROTC. Uniform and everything lol
~ She's short. Like 5 foot nothing, as I like to say
~ Her hair is unnaturally long, almost to her ankles and when I asked her why she just said shes too lazy to cut her hair
~ She can be super lazy

well I'll just leave this here, Peace Out Hommies!