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tis I the goodest eggo
may / mushi
semi-hiatus bec uni
art/gfx requests;; {closed}
i like kpoop, marvel/dc, and movies
sc/disc/twitter;; ask
major shout outs to these beautiful people;
(if I'm missing u holla I'll add u baes)

○ lisa is my spirit animal #********
○ mark is the mushu to my cricket who lives in 2010
○ alex is the carter to my lee
○ alexis is my h0t mami
○ pon is my precious, woke, 18+ bb
○ ryno is my bean prodigy who visits the nail salon often
○ kure is my sweet pea
○ xie is the daisy to ma peach //winkwonk

○ angie, wifu, bum(onica), aislynne, lance
○ rebecca, cas, sen, sus

tatsunoko/idol gang #kara
chelly, blargh, joey, kowai, hoose
dio, misa--imu, hime, chia, panda
via, sangria, kimmie, lauren

idk how all of you deal with my bs :^)