Okayy I'm Mark And Yes I'm Emo, I'd Like To Warn You Before You Ever Talk To Me Do Not Try To Diss Me Becaus I Get It Alot And I'm Used To It But Tbh People Are That Rubbish At Doing It, It Just Dosent Offend Me So Sorry To Dissapoint You.. I Will Probably Say Try Harder Or Tell You Where To Stick Yourself, Got It?

People Think I'm Technical Talked And I Guess I Am In My Own Way But I'm Still The Typical Annoying Little t**t That You Will Get Annoyed At, I'm A Retard And I Dont Care ^_^

Maarrk Loves Celia So Fxcking Much, Yep She's My World And I Love Spending Time With Her, When I Do My Problems Dissapea.. I Wish She Was With Me Allways So They Wouldn't Come Back <3.

For Those Of You That Dont Know, My Friends Are Amazing And My Everything.. Tbh I Cant Believe They're Friends With A Retard Like Me But Life's Funny Like That;

Celia Callcott<3
Megan Jones
Abby Lynch
Tiffany Snook
Alana Mcfaul
-------------------------- <3
Jack Surtees
Philip Kerridge
James Stobough
Connor Bettridge
Alex Yaeman
___Those Cool Dudes Are The People I Live And Breath For ;]

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Total Value: 350,898 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Plasma Gear
Gothic Veil
Ancient Katana
Belted Pants
Blade's Shirt
Blade's Black Boots

Well I'll Be Off Now I'm Probably Boring You All.
PrayFawPlagues@Live.co.uk <---Add If You Wish <3



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Emo_Freeky wink

Heya Well i kinda just started gaia and so i havent had time to do the journal thing but i got like 900 gold so i can get this jacket thing i wanted YAY!! its lack lol so thats good well cya..::*


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deathnote ¬_¬

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hello dave , mollyy ere why do i not find my self on your friends list or do a count as a weird friend xx xx
cotton candi owl

Report | 10/17/2008 4:43 pm

cotton candi owl

lol xD

I've been playing for a year now.

I joined in the fall of last year.

Aw that sux so bad D=

I freakin' hate hackers -_-

Lol, you do?!

Isn't adam young's music just teh best!? xp

What's your favorite song from him? =]
cotton candi owl

Report | 10/17/2008 2:44 pm

cotton candi owl

Teehee~♫ =3


Well i like to know people and become friendz.

Don't you? Friends can make your day a whole lot better sometimes =]

Lol xD hey.

So how long have you been playing gaia? =]
cotton candi owl

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cotton candi owl



go to my profile without commenting!!!

thanx a lot! >=[


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wtf happenedd to yourr gaia

ANBU Tokio

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ANBU Tokio

copy/paste this to 10 ppl and then press f5 and f9 at the same time you will get 100,000 gold it really rocks me!!!!!!!!

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when did you get into my friends list? man I hate it when i don't know anybody in my friends list......User Image
ANBU Tokio

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ANBU Tokio

hi was up...

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hi mark its iona im cummin to tommys maybe........

well probably see ya on monday @ my interview