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Weighed Down

Beauty in Words

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Silent Voices

Lost in Freefall

So I'm fraszle. Many call me fraz or fras or frazzy, ect. I don't really care which you use. Anywho, please no begging or random comments.. If you have any donations I will love you forever!!! Uh oh school is here and I'm about to enter senior year. I might be busier than normal, ahhh college apps!!! ><
Please wish me luck!
~ Love, Fraszle heart

Me And My Seme Tasteless Ecstasy ;3 Everyone should love her. BTW, I drew this. :]

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And this is the piccy the wonderful Tasteless Ecstasy drew. =D

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This is the piccy the amazing The Halloween Princess made for me! Go give her love. :] (She made me another one!!! ILU Halloween Princess!!!)

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I'm 17 and a girl... yeah I get real personal don't I? Oh and if you're for any reason wondering >_> ... I'm straight.

I love to love, I don't like fighting or forcing others. BUT, if you piss me off it's like an atom bomb in your face. My parents are divorced. I'm a snow child even though I was born in summer. Chicago is my hometown.

Art is the center of my life. Music is my savior. I play the piano for fun. Rain is beautiful and I do dance in it sometimes. I love Ninja. I love being Asian. I hate hurting people's feeling's unless they REALLY deserve it. Crying isn't something I do often.

I like stuffed animals. Shopping is fun!

Hell yeah I'm spoiled. But that doesn't mean I'm a b***h. I'm pretty shy and kind (at least I think so...) I like making smiley faces :]

I am happy with who I am, I won't let anyone bring me down.
Sometimes I get lonely. Sometimes I cry, but we all do because we're all human.

Remember: Omnia Vincit Amor! biggrin