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As a cyborg, Franky's artificial parts grant him incredible strength, as well as making him practically invulnerable to most attacks. He built his cyborg body himself, his fighting style focuses on projectile attacks, including an extendable right arm and cannons in his left arm. Franky's body is powered by cola, which he stores in a refrigerator built into his stomach (note he often yells out the word SUPERRRRR! when he powers up after refilling himself with cola) . His supply of cola can be refilled by either drinking cola or manually inserting bottles directly into his refrigerator. His physical strength was enough to easily break through Fukurou's tekkai technique, which gives the body the hardness of steel, while completely out of cola.

Franky is very talented in many forms of construction; aside from building the Straw Hat's Thousand Sunny, Franky is able to build a very stable bridge across a large gap in an instant, using only nearby debris (while also paying amazing attention to detail).

Franky's hair style and attitude are affected by the type of drink he uses for fuel, seen when Chopper accidentally hands him vegetable juice and tea. Franky's strength and weapons are much more powerful when he is fueled by cola, and some of his attacks can not be used without it. His hair acts as a kind of meter to the amount of cola in his stomach, being tall if he is full and sagging if empty. Franky's stomach compartment can hold up to three bottles or three liters of cola.

Post Time-Skip
As of the time-skip Franky has become far bulkier, upgrading himself to become even more of a human tank then he was before. Labeling his shoulders BF-37, he has become the most advanced and powerful of the Battle Franky units he has produced throughout his life as a Shipwright.

Some of the more notable changes on Franky include his increased bulk which has not come without it's advantages. Franky's shoulders now house missile docking areas which will open and launch the jet propelled explosives at his target. Another of his more powerful upgrades includes the "Franky Radical Beam" during which he places his palms - one over the other- firing a beam of light from the space between them, the resulting explosion in comparison is massive.

Real Me:
Name: Brandon
Age: 21
B-day: December - 22 - 1991
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Pirate Rufi
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Pirate Rufi
Do you speak Japanese?
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Pirate Rufi
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