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my name is angela( I use to be girleek but now I'm fractured_artist).
i love art.19.cosplay
i feel there is beauty in everyone.
I try to get on when i can but im a busy person (because I have to work :/ ).
if u want me to draw ur avitar just ask and if u draw me ill be super happy >W<
i love meeting new people and im really nice so u can talk to mee.
i was misa misa O_____O in summer of 09'
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i was namine in summer of 10' ( this group of cos-players we hung out with)

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coming out of the rave. :3 i saw cos-player from case closed
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home made kazoku and me( and my wig xD ) 3nodding . :3
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Item List:
Angelic Lace
Seracila Pendant 13th Gen.
Pure White Sweet Lace Headband
Blade's Leggings
Alternate Sasha's Skirt
Blade's Brown Boots


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"the point is, I have people I can count on.I'll make it through." -Serah to Vanille