me, myself and I....who else? xD

The names Brandy
Im not always on gaia, so if you wanna stay in contact with me I have facebook and myspace.
I play guitar, a little piano too. I just love music. I write my own songs and poems. sometimes I just write just to clear my mind, I find that it helps alot.
I like all types of music, Rock is my main attraction though, all types of rock. I like old school just because its so original and fun to listen to. just check out the playlist I guess.
I try to live life to the fullest while I can. unfortunetly I dont live it up enough. Maybe I should try doing something extreme. get into some little danger of my own.
I keep up with my school work and friends. Whenever they need me im right there for them. I try to be anyways. I like meeting new people, friends are nice to have. I have my random moments...what am I talkin about? I love being random! its what keeps me goin for the most part.
Photography. I like taking photos of scenery and people including myself. smile photoshop anyone?
video games. sports.(soccer, football, biking, skate boaring, snow boarding, whatever..) so if you want to add me, click away.
BLAH. the end.