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If you do not like the prices, fair trades is also available. cat_3nodding

I may also bump down some prices. Keep in watch for that. cat_ninja

If you got any questions, please do not be shy to ask. cat_question
I promise I will not bite ya. cat_mrgreen

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cat_3nodding Name: Beatrice B.

cat_3nodding Nicknames: Beatz, Foxy, or Star

cat_3nodding BirthDate: April 3rd, 19XX

cat_3nodding Gender: Female

cat_3nodding Stuff I Like To Do: Play video games, draw, make animations, writes stories, make/edit video, building, fixing, listen to music, helping, talking about Or watching the weather.

cat_3nodding Personal Quote: "There isn't a best nor worst artists. Every artists were born with a special style. Treat everyone the same. It'll end with a smile for everyone.".
- Beatrice B.

cat_3nodding Bio: Little something about me, eh? Well let's start saying I was born a gamer girl. I have drawn ever since I was a little silly kid, but I have begun to get serious into it by the age of 11. I have started off with only drawing fan arts. Hehe. Especially fan arts for Star Fox. Huge fan for Star Fox! It's unbelievable! Still a HUGE crazy fan today for Star Fox! One of the reason I've became a furry gal. That leads to where my first OC came in. Star Galalina was my first OC and was made for the Star Fox fandom. Later on, the "G-Star" stories no longer worked out for Star Fox universe. That's right. That is when the original series "The GalaStarlia" was official. From that day on, I've been writing more stories to it, because it had so many elements to it and made me excited for more. Also preparing to make more original stories and even comics later on. I also do 2D animation, which I've begun by the age of 13. Not the master to it, but I'm getting somewhere with it. I indeed do video as well, which I started doing so by the age of 12. Well more of an editor, making random fan video or just anything random. Lastly, personally about myself. I'm pretty shy when it comes to meeting new people or asking for anything. I'm more of the silent gal. But trust me, once you get to know me, I'm nice as long you don't push my limit, which can take some time to break. Overall, I'm really friendly and won't bite. I'm pretty funny as well. Have a little comedy on me. I love to give a helping hand. Anything to make my close ones smile. Indeedly a true smile. It'll truly mean a lot. Hmmm... Probably all I have for now to share.

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I_need_a_wish Report | 10/19/2014 6:39 pm
thank you for the purchase smile

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