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So you've found me.
Congratulations. Let me lay you the vitals.

single, Gay, 17, Male, musician/writer/photographer

I am not your conventional f**. I haven't met a single person in real life who could tell I was gay before I told them.
I am a submissive partner.
Fantasy is very important to me. I am a dreamer by nature.
I am a hopeless romantic and believes that anything I can do to make my lover happier should be done if it's within my power.

I'm a pervert and there's no point in hiding it. Doesn't mean I can't love, too.
Don't be a stranger. Talk to me.
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Just Stopping By.

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Spontaneous facts.
Updated Whenever.

1. Sledgehammers fascinate me.

2. I'm happiest when I make you laugh. I don't care who you are, I just want to see you laugh.

3. I love the color pink.

4. I love romance and expressing my love.

5. Bass is the greatest instrument in the world.

6. Butterscotch is delicious.

7. "Pilot" is my favorite word.

8. Eight is my favorite number.

9. Capital E is my favorite letter.

10. I can't stand not wearing socks.

11. I love yield signs.

12. Crossed belts are amazing.

13. I like most food better when it's cold.

14. I don't lie.

15. Hats look hideous on me.

16. I'm a furry.

17. Prejudice is senseless.

18. I want to make friends with at least one person from every country in the world.

19. Death fascinates me.

20. Women's clothes are generally more comfortable than men's.

21. Tetris is a fantastic game.

22. I like Bananas a lot.

23. I love pylons.

24. I have small, piercing eyes.

25. Sex means something to me.
Foxy Pilot