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My name is Katie, and I live in hot as ******** Florida. It is so ******** hot right now that the A.C. can't even fight it off. I'm dying. Send help. Oh also I'm 21, I'm about to start my second year of college this fall. If I play my cards right and don't change my mind, I'll be majoring in English Education so I can become a high school English teacher. Life is full of changes though, so who knows.

I have been on this site a loooong time but I would take long breaks from it, especially during the inflation, and then when it really started to die off because of said inflation. But I thought I would try to go on again that I'm feeling very talkative. If I don't end up staying, this update on my profile is pretty pointless.

Anyways, I'm hoping to meet a lot of new people, so don't be afraid to mail me.

I'M BACK BITCHES, for probably not long but it's quarantine so who knows. I'm 22 now, my A.C works wonders and has been keeping me cool and comfortable in the ~unprecedented times~. I changed my major to fine arts, cause ******** you that's why. Also because I very much love it. Maybe one day I'll have my own studio and teach kids and adults alike the wonder of being creative. Or maybe I'll starve to death. (o^▽^o) The future is full of pleasant surprises!

My message box still be open, SO GET IN HERE PEASANTS! (I'm just kidding, you art a beautiful noble and I but humble scum)

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