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You are a fun person and slightly crazy. You follow your own path and stay away from the crowd. You have your own opinions and will fight for what you believe in. You can however, be angered easily and people don't always like you for that. You are a fun loving person, but sometimes angry and unpredictable.

Those gaiaborn under the Vulpus constellation can be very shrewd customers. They tend to be Intelligent and sharp witted, but often cold and self serving. Vulpi find it easy to meet and get along with new people, but often find it difficult to make good friends they deem worth keeping. They can see most problems coming a mile away, which is usually a good thing, but can sometimes spend too long weighing the pros and cons of a situation that all opportunity to act passes them by. Generally they're approachable people, but when pressured or pushed into a corner they can lash out and be quite unpredictable
Basics: insane,nice,stalking.
Name: Jeremy Adam Sparks a.k.a "fox"
Date of Birth: 6/6/1992 (don't make fun of my birthday, i know it almost demon number)
Birthplace: Florida, Jacksonville. I'm planning to go back.
Current Location: Move to many times to remember.
Eye Color: Reddish-brown, demonic likeness.
Hair Color: jet black or dark black
Height: 6'3
Heritage: Native American,Irish.
Piercings: None, and never.
Tattoos: Does a scar from the past count?
Band/Singer: G n R, Metallica.
I am forever with you (My own song)
Scary movies, any.
Disney Movie: Seen to many to remember.
TV show: Eh I don't know.
Color: Moon stone, June stone.
Food: I am willing to eat anything.
Pizza topping:
I like cheese.
Ice-Cream Flavor:
Drink (alcoholic):
Err i'm a light drinker.
Soda: Pepsi
Store: It depends.
Clothing Brand:.... No clue, red echo?
Shoe Brand: Nike, there the shiz
Season: Summer, I can't stand the cold.
Err I like hollowness, scarring kids is fun.
Black rose.
Make-Up Item: Does blood counts? (I bleed all over my body, there some stanes, washable hopefully)
Board game: When I was a child, I play "Sorry" with my family.
This or That
Sunny or rainy: I love storms, it how I feel in my heart. And it help my poetry.
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate (chocolateholic)
Fruit or veggie: Fruit. And no, I am not a fruit for likening fruits.
Night or day: Night.
Sour or sweet: Mostly sweet.
Love or money: Love.
Phone or in person: In person is better, it keep things interesting.
Looks or personality: Personality. Looks are for idiots, you might get a hot chick that insane.
Coffee or tea: Coffee. Star bucks are the best.
Hot or cold: Hot
Goal for this year:
To find out who I really am.
Most missed memory:
My grandparents. My first dead best friend.
Best physical feature:
Eyes and face? I don't know.
First thought waking up: Ugh, I don't want to go anywhere.
Hypothetical personality disorder: I don't have any disorders as far as I know.
Preferred type of plastic surgery: It depends, will they add the plastic to my face to kill me?
Sesame street alter ego:
Big bird?
Fairy tale alter ego: I'm not a fairy, i'm a fox that like to purr. It name is kitsune neko ichgo.

Most stupid remark:
"My mom is your mom, stupid."
Worst crime: Try to kill someone that I hate.
Greatest ambition: To travel around the world before dieing.
Greatest fear: Losing the ones that close to me.
Darkest secret: Darkest secret, you mean the new arm pit thing from victora?
Favorite subject:
Strangest received gift: Nude from a girl I don't even know. And that the fact how did she get my email?
Worst habit: Cracking my whole body out of there joints. Trust me, it not good to look at.
Do You:
Smoke: No.
Drink: Ya, but what do you mean about "drink?"
Curse: If I am only mad or pushed to.
Shower daily: Hinge is good for you, and who doesn't bath?
Like thunderstorms: If it shocks me, then no.
Dance in the rain: No but if you was here, I always slip in the rain.
Sing: Yes but i'm a bad singer.
Play an instrument:
Get along with your parents:
Dislike my dad and mom (bingo holic)
Wish on stars: No, I don't believe wishing on a star, but I do believe if you wish in you heart, that true magic people.
Believe in fate:
Believe in love at first sight:
It depends, what if your blind?
Can You:
Learing in process.
Sew: Keep getting poked by the needle.
Cook: Well if your going to live alone, no one going to cook for you.
Speak another language: Does making one up count?
Dance: Not alot, two left feet.
Sing: If i'm in a good mood or depress.
Touch your nose with your tongue: err no.
Whistle: Pucker up and blow.
Curl your tongue: Ya.
Have You Ever:
Been Drunk: Yes but den't want to.
Been Stoned/High: No, but I been high on life.
Eaten Sushi: No but I'm willing to try life squid
Been in Love: Not of late. I have one person in mind.
Skipped school: I oversleep, does that count?
Made prank calls: I wish.
Sent someone a love letter: Poetry is better then love letters.
Stolen something: Watch,hat, no.2,DSI games, cars, and many more.
Cried yourself to sleep: I don't cry. I don't have tears, don't ask because I don't know.
Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person?
The mind of humanity.
Are you right or left handed?
What is your bedtime?
12:00 pm.
Name three things you can't live without: Gaia family, friends, gaia.
What is the color of your room?
I don't have a room.
Do you have any siblings?
4 older bros. 3 sisters.
Do you have any pets?
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars?
No. For a billion yes.
What is you middle name?
Adam, known as the first male of Adam and eve. I am the first born child to have "Jeremy" in this family so that why my middle is Adam.
What are you nicknames?
Jay, Fox.
Are you for or against gay marriage?
It not my problem so I don't care.
What are your thoughts on abortion?
Well your killing a new life. I'm ageist it.
Do you have a crush on anyone?
Hmm... Not sure.
Are you afraid of the dark?
Afraid of the dark? Only kids are. I live it in.
How do you want to die?
By the I love and before I go, I get to kiss her good-bye
What is the largest amount of Popsicle that you have eaten on one day?

Would you take a bullet for the one you love?
No, I would take nuke for my love.
What is the last law you've broken?
Err non so far.
In a Member of the Opposite Sex:
Hair color: No blonds please. Bad past with them.
Eye color: Blue or green eyes turn me on.
As long they don't make fun of my height, i'm good with any.
Not over fat, like kingkong fat.
Most important physical feature:
physical eh. I like the butt but I love the eyes of a women~ eyes can tell many things.
Biggest turn-off : Meh lust for sex. I'm am NOT A SEX TOY.
Number of things in my Past I Regret: A lot

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Ladys and gents, My besty Jean made for us.
The one in the sword is: Me
The one in blue is: bass
The one that look scary as hell: Jean.

User Image Thank you Dragon for the art.


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An heart of a fox.

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