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Registered: 03/14/2006

Gender: Female

Birthday: 01/05/1992

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4laugh Woundthief
Takes a loss just for me: A mythrill halo
November 23, 2007

heart An Anonymous Angel
Donation: A Chubbi Chicky
December 17, 2007

heart Koji_Komos
Birthday Gift: Bone Dragon Helm
January 5th, 2008

heart Puppy_Cop_Official
Donation: Omnomnom
April 8th, 2008

heart Woundthief
Donation: Red Wulf Boots
April 11th, 2008

heart Potassium Sorbate
Donation: Mythic Hair
April 13th, 2008

heart CaseyNovakIsMyHero
Donation: Green Corallus Egg 2nd gen.
June 9th, 2008

4laugh Darkorathor
Takes a loss just for me: Mythrill Armor
August 27th, 2008

pirate Thorn248
Lost a bet: 1000 gold
September 1st, 2008

heart Woundthief
Donation: Grunny
November 15th, 2008

heart -Dark_Ninja_Aya-
Donation: Water Meat
November 23rd, 2008

heart An Anonymous Angel
Donation: Goldfish Drop
December 2nd, 2008
The Goldfish Drop contained a Gold Wrist Watch!

heart An anonymous Angel
Donation: Green Corallus Egg 2nd gen.
(And a cute little poem to go with it. <3)
December 5th, 2008

heart An anonymous Angel
Donation: Titan's Legacy
December 5th, 2008

heart Enigma Zariine
Christmas Gift: Water Meat Set
December 15th, 2008

heart -Dark_Ninja_Aya-
Christmas Gift: Water Meat Set
December 15th, 2008

heart An Anonmyous Angel
(My Secret Santa! <3 )
Christmas Gift: Yarly
December 22nd, 2008

heart Woundthief
Birthday Gift: Egyptian Gold Anklet (right)
January 4th, 2009

heart TheOmegaChibiBoy
Donation: 1k, and a BOATLOAD of inks!
January 13th, 2009

heart An Anonymous Angel
Donation: Aquarium Cuttlefish (His name's poncho)
January 14th, 2009

heart -Dark_Ninja_Aya-
Donation: A few inks
January 18th, 2009

heart Puppy Cop Official
Donation: 227 black inks!!
April 18th, 2009

heart An Anonymous Angel
Donation: A Celestial Gold Slinky Split Dress
August 04, 2009


User Image
You lifted off this curse of mine
with broken wings I flew
and this I swear, I'll still be there
I always will love you



foundling_fox, the girl:

User Image

That's my name. Don't wear
it out.

Welcome to my Profile page!
Here's a few facts about me so you know who you're dealing with
I'm a girl
I'm 18 years old
I have two cats
An old, all white Turkish Angora named Snowball
She's grumpy
And I have a little cat named Deku
He was a feral cat
And with lots of loving care, he grew to accept me
And eventually love me
And you might have noticed his name is kinda funny
That's because his name is a Zelda reference
It's because he's nutty like a Deku nut :3
Much love to you if you know what I'm talking about
I'm a HUGE Zelda fan
Especially Majora's Mask
It's the best video game ever, in my opinion
But everyone's entitled to their own opinion, after all
I'm a very laid-bad woman
And I'm very tolerant, and accepting of others
As such, I'm very easy to get along with
I'm kind of on the tall side
But I'm not towering, or anything
Just ever so slightly above average
My avatar is also my OC, Jinxi
Myself being very conservative and sedate...
Jinxi is kind of everything I'm not
She's brave and lovely
And very intimidating
Although something she and I share:
She's nuttier than a squirrel
Which isn't always a bad thing
It makes us interesting xD
Anyhoo, that's what I aspire to be
That is, brave and lovely
I listen to all kinds of music
And play lots of video games
I'm into anime
And go to conventions
I'm an internet addict
And it's not good for my health at all
But I digress
I hope you learned a little about me
And enjoyed reading my "About Me"
Please enjoy the rest of my profile
I made it all pretty, JUST FOR YOU
Yes, you

Have a nice day


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michibane Report | 07/20/2010 7:47 pm
thanks ya
It took a coupla k to make
But it was worth it in the long run
michibane Report | 07/20/2010 6:20 pm
First mate reporting for duty captain!
clockworc Report | 04/30/2010 5:00 pm
Okie then biggrin I'll work on it this weekend if I can (I have a big english project due next week that I must work on)

clockworc Report | 04/30/2010 1:03 pm
I guess the trade offer is fin, but it's up to you biggrin (But it must be reasonable still :3)
clockworc Report | 04/28/2010 7:31 pm
I totally forgot about the art :S

DO you still want it; and if so, would Chibi be alright?
Potassium Sorbate Report | 04/11/2010 10:48 am
Potassium Sorbate
How is you?
TerriblyGingerxx Report | 01/27/2010 5:18 am
This is me, slipping a comment. :O
If you don;t figure out who i am then SHAME ON YOU!
ArchDivision Report | 01/17/2010 7:36 pm
Thank you for the buy ^_^
Link Pirois Report | 01/05/2010 11:26 pm
Link Pirois
happy birthday hope all your dreams come true.
Pian and sorrow Report | 12/31/2009 10:00 am
Pian and sorrow
Omg!!! I found you!!! Its me, kelsey!!! aka loud ginger kidd!

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Cappies and Virgos
Go together
Like salt and pepper.
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Now I just need to convince that sweet little Virgo to believe me! D;


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Zelda games that I own:

The legend of Zelda (via collector's addition)
The Adventure of Link (via collector's addition
Oracle of Ages
Minish Cap
Ocarina of Time (collector's edition and N64)
Master Quest
Majora's Mask (collector's edition and N64)
A Link to the Past
Four Swords (for GBA)
Four Swords Adventure
Wind Waker
Twilight Princess
Phantom Hourglass
Link's Crossbow Training
Terra The Yamabushi
Koji Komos
Potassium Sorbate
Scarlet Eve29
Madame Kerri
The Not Gay He-Man
-e f r a i n c i i t o-
Enigma Zariine
Link Pirois

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I an hear the voice that says "I love you. I'll kill you. But I'll love you forever."