& hereee's my story ..

http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l625/hmariee1/HannaMarieeAguiar/Photo18925-1.jpgmy naaame's hanna . noticee how there's no 'h' at the end of my namee ? yeeah , spell it right . i love the steelers . baha , you can hate it or whatever i don't caare what you think about them , i love them . i have friends & i have enimes . ah well . i caan be a really big b***h , but i can be the sweetest girl you could eveer meet . family is always a first for me . i lovee them more than anything . i freaaking LOVE cats & i am obsessed with tumblr . i eat a whole lot more than i should & do not gain a pound . i'm a moody b***h . i get jealous reaally eaisly because what's minee is mine . i don't like sharing . doon't think you can just walk in & out of my life whenever you pleaase . i woon't change for anyone . take me as i am , or watch me as i leavee . duceees ♥