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Make his fight on the hill in the early day
Constant chill deep inside
Sounding gun, on they run through the endless grey
On the fight, for they are right, yes, by who's to say?
For a hill men would kill, why? They do not know
Suffered wounds test there their pride
Men of five, still alive through the raging glow
Gone insane from the pain that they surely know

For whom the bell tolls
Time marches on
For whom the bell tolls

Take a look to the sky just before you die
It is the last time you will
Blackened roar massive roar fills the crumbling sky
Shattered goal fills his soul with a ruthless cry
Stranger now, are his eyes, to this mystery
He hears the silence so loud
Crack of dawn, all is gone except the will to be
Now they will see what will be, blinded eyes to see

For whom the bell tolls
Time marches on
For whom the bell tolls

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...I created myself a sexy spy chick to oggle. Woot.

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Fortes, Destroyer of Worlds!?

..I really want a katana, damn it.


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GENERAL k a t i e Report | 11/25/2009 7:21 pm
Holy crap. D: I just found your profile.
I used to be x-Black-Nail-Polish-x.... Wow... Long time no talk...
Hows life? :]
AN0R3XiiC_FAiiRY Report | 07/19/2007 6:28 pm
Erm you haven't gotten a comment since May. So heres ya go.

Hope living in the woods... In a tent... Was fun.

Did the solar cell phone charger work? xDD

Sorry, but I still find that amusing.

Welllep... I guess thats it.

And just for fun...

-glomps- ^-^
tetchy - - x Report | 05/02/2007 7:40 pm
Something Something Something...
In The Merry Merry Month of Mayyyy.
Sing-A-Long Comment.
And I don't even know the words.
AN0R3XiiC_FAiiRY Report | 04/05/2007 6:28 pm
: O
Fortes is only wearing a towel!
Shield your eyes young children...
Ha ha sorry I just had to take note of the outfit.
le cygne noir Report | 03/14/2007 8:56 pm
Stopping in to say Happy St. Patrick's day a mite early, since this weekend I'll be drunk and really, really not able to type. XD
AN0R3XiiC_FAiiRY Report | 03/06/2007 5:40 pm
Yes well... I had it saved somewhere. >.> Don't judge me.
Anyway good luck with Midterms.
Gwyneth Woodwrit Report | 02/23/2007 10:08 pm
You have... many arms. ^.^
x-Black-Nail-Polish-x Report | 01/29/2007 3:04 pm
Stupid poser... -kidding-
I don't wear skimpy clothes or have a tail...
They just look cool.
Fortes.Fortuna.Adiuvat Report | 01/29/2007 1:53 pm
Well, I don't really smoke. It just looks cool =P Wow, that was like the lamest sentiment ever on my part. *L*
x-Black-Nail-Polish-x Report | 01/25/2007 3:44 pm
A smoking doctor. xD
Isn't that an oxymoron?


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