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Gender: Female

Location: Hell.

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My Life

This shall be about anything; Life, Me, True Love, Boys, People, Religion, Hatred.... You'll just have to see.

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Welcome To Hell!


All About My Worthless Self

Hello Mortals,
I am the one they call Ashley.
I may look innocent, but I damn sure don't act like it.
You may label me as Gothic, Emo, weird, strange, evil, demonic, silent, etc. but I label myself as "Just Me."
I can scare you away because I am not like others, no, I stay far away from the main crowd. I like to be me just about anywhere, and I couldn't care any less who would talk about me.
If you hate me, good, that's step one. I feed off of other people's hate. That is how I gain my power and strength from everyone. >=D
All in all, I am a very friendly, nice, and shy individual. I'm just very different and I like to show it. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you leave NOW.

Gender: Female.
Age: 23.
Orientation: Straight.
Hobbies: Playing video games, being evil, writing short stories, and listening to music.
Religion: None.
Best Friend(s): I don't even know anymore.
Status: Taken by Arik Kuhl! <3
Personality: Very random, romantic, depressed, dark, evil, lovable, caring, friendly, shy, and just pure awesomeness.

Since I was 2 years old, I have been playing video games just about my whole life. I am dedicated to them. When I grow up a bit more, I will become a game designer. I am into games such at Chaos Legion, Final Fantasy, Dead Space, F.E.A.R., War of The Monsters, Halo (all), Starcraft, Warcraft, WoW, Guild Wars... The list continues. It is endless.

If you desire to know more about me, then just ask, I'll tell you everything you need to know.

P.S. I won't bite... hard. ///.^ (edgy af right? Wtf was I thinking back then??)


The Screams

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Riant Hybrid Report | 02/07/2011 4:11 pm
Riant Hybrid
Yo, Shadows! Here is the newer one, and here is the crossover. (If you think you can only handle one group right now, I recommend the one in the first link. >3> )
desmond the wolfe Report | 01/21/2011 4:44 pm
desmond the wolfe
* aikido leg locks you * not so fast ! *throws you to the floor !* try again !
desmond the wolfe Report | 01/19/2011 9:52 pm
desmond the wolfe
hehehehhe* if thats the way were gonna play * rubs my face * your toying stop that * slides at you and jumps in the air and drops a axe kick on your shoulder *
desmond the wolfe Report | 01/19/2011 10:07 am
desmond the wolfe
no no just i enojy fights ...havent you ever played a fighting game ... at this point imagine this is street fighter , like your chun li ... and im vega !! * pulls out a rose from nowhere * eaither way this should be intruresting right ? * throws a spin kick at your face * hyahhh!
desmond the wolfe Report | 01/18/2011 11:00 am
desmond the wolfe
* finishes the smoke * i wouldnt want to burn you smile * then tosses it down , and takes a fighting stance *
desmond the wolfe Report | 01/17/2011 8:14 pm
desmond the wolfe
* blows smoke at you * really now ? raises a eyebrow * maybe we should fight ? just for fun
desmond the wolfe Report | 01/17/2011 7:46 pm
desmond the wolfe
* lights a smoke *is this gonna have to get violent , id hate for it have to but your playing with fire * takes a drag *
desmond the wolfe Report | 01/15/2011 6:12 pm
desmond the wolfe
* evil pinces you * i only dare when you cant stop me razz
desmond the wolfe Report | 01/14/2011 7:38 pm
desmond the wolfe
dont taunt me or ill pinch you !!
desmond the wolfe Report | 01/14/2011 7:34 pm
desmond the wolfe
yeah its running on 6 years now lol , and im cold and out of smokes boo !


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