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Orcbolg on 08/26/2020
Yamada Taiga on 07/16/2020
enoletaalla on 07/13/2020
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Questing Stuff!

items (deleted as obtained):
Count's Vengeance
Gimpi (6th gen)
Bloody Organs
Compass of Seidh
The Lovers
Reve Rouille(s) (I want a few of em.)
Tragic Tower
Untoten Gegner
The Sandman
Sandman Doll
Cat Burglaress
Deerly Beloved (Dark, Phrostbitten, and Tranquil)
Gogh Reed

More @.@

Anonymous - Widowmaker doll heart
The Lady Sigyn - 810.5k heart
Kamarei - 27,973k heart
Hyruled - 163,500k heart
[.Macabre.Soliloquy.]- ~200k heart
gracious faust: 200k heart
Anonymous: Virgil's Sinister Verdict heart heart heart
xthatbelle: 20k heart
Shaizard: 18.5k heart
Hormonal Teenager: 38k heart
FauxZombie 20k heart
Anonymous: Checkmate heart
"Anonymous": Berserker Pilot heart
Prenn (he's so cool we don't have to use his username): Nitemare Headband and 54.9k heart
Hello_Mr_FaKeStaR: 191,907k heart
Mass Producing Hate: 100k heart
Anonymous: Ravenwood Manor heart
Gilded Shadow: 300k heart
Shoot Anonymous ((TOKKI BBY <333)): Giant Scalpel heart heart
Anonymous: Marceline Bat Companion
Little I3ird: 1 mil heart heart heart
Harlequin Diabolus: Sandman Dreams heart heart heart

I am me.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.



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Orcbolg Report | 07/13/2020 4:11 am
Curiosity killed the cat.
But I'm glad you decided to check in.
Orcbolg Report | 07/12/2020 8:52 pm
Taking a gander?
Azami_Kuroi Report | 05/21/2014 11:43 am
Toxiiiii~ It's been ages. Your name popped up in my stream and I had to say hi. how the hell are ya? Hope all is well.
KounetsuDebV2 Report | 02/23/2014 6:10 pm
I missed Toxi?
So sad now. crying
Dippoldism Report | 02/23/2014 11:26 am
I feel you, bby

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Dippoldism Report | 02/22/2014 10:09 pm
it's ok, we all have our abysses.
Dippoldism Report | 02/22/2014 4:13 pm
y u gotta h8, m8
Dippoldism Report | 02/21/2014 8:55 pm
I forgot I couldn't see the whole of your avatar from your profile. mad
INFINITE BIOHAZARD Report | 11/26/2013 1:14 am
I'm watching you.
Lillienth Report | 06/12/2013 1:51 pm
That's kinda how I feel at the moment.
I keep feeling nauseous despite taking this stupid medication with food.
*flops over*
I think I'm just dying lol.